EPDM Washers

EPDM Washers

EPDM Washers

At Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd, we take pride in our position as one of the UK's largest non-metallic washer manufacturers and suppliers, with EPDM solid rubber being a key material in our inventory. This solid-grade material is available in rolls measuring 1.4 meters in width and 10 meters in length, with thickness options starting from a mere 1mm. These rolls are readily stocked by ASG, making them available for shipping or conversion into various products, including washers.

Our in-house manufacturing process involves a combination of skilled personnel and advanced machinery, with the choice of using either our oscillating knife or various presses based on the specific requirements of size, thickness, and quantity. This extensive machinery range empowers us to produce EPDM rubber washers to match your exact specifications swiftly and efficiently, resulting in both a high-quality product and cost savings.

EPDM washers are crafted based on customer-provided samples, drawings, or dimensions. These specifications include details like the outer diameter (OD), internal diameter (ID), and thickness. The washers can be manufactured in plain, self-adhesive, or foil-faced finishes, either as individual cut parts or kiss-cut on a roll. This level of customization ensures that our customers receive precisely what they need for their sealing and insulation applications.

What are EPDM Washers?

A "washer" is a thin, flat material strategically positioned between two surfaces or joints to diminish friction, enhance stability, and create a level platform for accommodating nuts, bolts, and other fasteners. Moreover, it contributes to optimizing the fastening process and can serve as an effective barrier for sealing against water or air infiltration.

EPDM, short for Ethylene, Propylene, Diene, and Monomer, represents the synthetic rubber utilized in crafting these washers. It exhibits remarkable durability and is available in various grades and hardness levels. The hardness is quantified using a shore durometer, which gauges a material's resistance to indentation. Higher values on the scale signify heightened resistance, indicating a harder material, while lower values denote less resistance, representing a softer material. This adaptability in EPDM material allows us to cater to diverse applications.

Product Enquiry

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    Product Specification & Key Characteristics

    • Colour: Black, White/Blue (FDA)
    • Grade: High Temperature, WRAS Approved, Commercial, FDA
    • Density: 40 – 90 Shore Hardness
    • Resistances: UV, O Zone, Water
    • Temperature Range: 150°C to -500°C
    • Thickness: Any thickness is available on custom made mouldings

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
    or downloaded from our online portal.

    Why use EPDM Washers?

    Precisely tailored EPDM rubber washers form a secure, impervious seal, impervious to impact. These washers exhibit a broad operational temperature range from -30°C to +110°C, and they are highly resilient in the face of environmental rigors like UV rays, ozone, and varying weather conditions. This versatility renders them suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

    EPDM washers offer robust resistance to a range of substances, including animal and vegetable oils, chemicals, steam, oxygenated solvents, and electrical currents. Their waterproof nature, combined with their ability to withstand pressure, makes them particularly well-suited for use in roofing, deep-sea, and solar panel applications. Furthermore, these washers excel in noise insulation, a feature highly sought after in household appliances where reduced noise and minimal movement are imperative. EPDM rubber comes in various hardness levels and grades, available as pre-cut washers or in rolls and sheets, offering flexibility for customers to customize as needed.

    The Advantages of Using EPDM Rubber Washers

    EPDM rubber washers offer numerous advantages stemming from their diverse properties and the availability of various grades. This material shines in applications requiring strength and versatility, especially when exposed to ozone, UV, chemicals, water, steam, and acids.

    The range of available thicknesses simplifies the washer-cutting process. The remarkable tear resistance of EPDM enables precise cutting without damaging the final product, enhancing its durability once in place.

    In-house manufacturing empowers us to produce custom EPDM washers efficiently and allows for the lamination of various adhesives, foils, or materials to craft distinctive products tailored to specific requirements.

    Benefits of EPDM Washers

    • Ozone, water and weather-resistant
    • Durable
    • Variety of grades and hardnesses available 
    • Good resistance to animal and vegetable oils, chemicals, steam, oxygenated solvents
    • Can be cut into bespoke gaskets in any quantity
    • Creates an air and water tight seal

    Different Grades

    Advanced Seals & Gaskets work with many material manufacturers and suppliers, giving our customers more choice when looking for a EPDM washers, other grades of solid EPDM include:

    FDA grades - Food quality EPDM is available in blue and white options.  This synthetic material is suitable for use in food and pharmaceutical processing applications.  Food quality EPDM offers good resistance to animal and vegetable oils, iis non-toxic and has a working temperature of -25°C up to +140°C. 

    WRAS approved EPDM rubber is suitable for use in potable water applications (water for human consumption) The material is resistant to weathering, ozone, ageing and chemicals and meets standards BS 6920-1:2000 and BS 6920-1:2014.  WRAS approved EPDM has a working temperature of  -40°C up to +120°C.

    Peroxide Cured - Vulcanising or curing EPDM using peroxide (as opposed to Sulphur) produces a more superior material with higher temperature resistance, heat resistance and improved oil and chemical resistance, this material is suitable for demanding applications such as nuclear facilities.

    Please get in touch if you are unsure which grade of EPDM  you require for your application, samples of our materials are readily available for your perusal. 

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