EVA Polyethylene Foam Washers

eva polyethylene foam washers

EVA Polyethylene Foam Washers

At our onsite storage and conversion facility, Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd collaborates with reputable material manufacturers and suppliers, allowing us to offer a diverse range of foam washers in various grades, densities, and colors. Among the materials we utilize, one noteworthy option is Expanded Closed Cell Cross-Linked EVA Polyethylene foam, often referred to as 'EVA block foam.'

EVA Polyethylene foams, closely resembling standard Polyethylene, stand out due to their cross-linked nature, offering superior strength and resilience thanks to their ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) content. This material results from a copolymerization reaction between vinyl acetate and ethylene, serving as a versatile alternative to materials like PVC foam.

Typically, EVA Polyethylene foam comes in block or 'bun' form, allowing us to cut washers as thin as 1.5mm. Our EVA Polyethylene foam washers are entirely bespoke, tailored to order based on dimensions, samples, or drawings provided by our customers, ensuring a precise fit for the intended application. If necessary, we can even produce small sample runs.

The production process for EVA Polyethylene foam washers hinges on their size and quantity. Our production team selects the appropriate machinery from our arsenal of atoms, autos, traveling head presses, and kiss cut pressing machines. For larger or thicker washers, we can program our CNC (oscillating knife) for efficient production, reducing lead times.

We maintain stock of EVA PE foam in various grades, colors, and densities. These foams offer further customization potential as they can be laminated with other materials or coated with a self-adhesive backing before being cut into washers, catering to the unique requirements of our customers.

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    Characteristics of EVA Polyethylene Foam

    • Colours:  Black & White available as standard - other colours can be manufactured to order
    • Density: 30kg / 45kg
    • Block Size: 2m x  1m
    • Cell Structure: closed cell
    • Temperature Range: -40℃ - +80℃
    • Tensile Strength (approx): - ≥ 350 kPa (30kg) ≥ 500 kPa (45kg)
    • Elongation at Break: ≥ 200 % (30kg) ≥ 250 % (45kg)
    • Tear Resistance: ≥ 12 N/cm (30kg) ≥ 20 N/cm (45kg)

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
    or downloaded from our online portal.

    What are EVA Polyethylene Foam Washers?

    EVA Polyethylene foam washers comprise an Outer Diameter (OD), Internal Diameter (ID), and thickness, cut from sheet or roll materials. Their versatility allows them to serve various purposes: creating level surfaces, acting as spacers, or distributing pressure between nuts and bolts to establish seals.

    Comparable to other polyethylene foams, EVA Polyethylenes are produced in block form, with different densities and colors customized for specific applications. As a member of the Thermoplastic foam family, EVA PE foam showcases a uniform, closed-cell structure that renders it impervious to liquids, gases, and particles, ensuring effective sealing.

    Through the cross-linking process, the material gains strength, boosting compression strength, resistance to compression set, thermal stability, and tensile strength. EVA 30kg Polyethylene follows a manufacturing process similar to standard PE foams but includes EV, imparting a distinctive 'rubbery/spongy' texture and enhanced recovery. These washers prove highly suitable for demanding applications.

    Why use EVA Polyethylene Foam Washers?

    EVA Polyethylene foam washers come in diverse densities and colors, cut from sheets or rolls based on cost-effectiveness and quantity. These washers exhibit resilience and a closed, fine cell structure, making them impermeable to air, moisture, and chemicals.

    While softer than some counterparts, EVA Polyethylene variants offer remarkable durability, absorbing impact and pressure without tearing. Commonly employed in the construction industry, these washers serve multiple functions: creating seals, filling gaps, dampening noise and vibrations, and protecting against air, gas, dust, and liquids. They also minimize friction and safeguard equipment.

    Effective washers require compressibility to form pressure and airtight seals, a crucial requirement for gaskets, which EVA Foam washers fulfill. Additionally, EVA Polyethylene foam stands out for its resistance to wear, tear, Ozone, UV, and a broad working temperature range (-40°C to +80°C).

    The material's mechanical properties further contribute to noise and vibration control, making it suitable for thermal insulation. In summary, EVA Polyethylene foam washers offer a versatile solution for a wide range of applications.

    Different Grades of Polyethylene Available

    ASG's network of manufacturers and suppliers enables us to provide a comprehensive range of polyethylene materials, including readily available stock options. Here is a selection of some popular polyethylene material types we offer:

    • Anti-static
    • Ethafoam
    • EEV foam
    • Flame retardant
    • Chemically cross-linked
    • Plastazote (with densities ranging from 15kg to 70kg)
    • Stratocell

    Benefits of using EVA Polyethylene Foam Washers

    • Lightweight & durable
    • Good impact, vibration and shock absorbing properties
    • Water repellent and buoyant
    • Excellent chemical, solvent, grease and fluid resistance
    • Good thermal and acoustic insulation
    • Easy to cut, convert  & shape

    These polyethylene materials possess remarkable qualities. They are lightweight yet durable, offering excellent impact, vibration, and shock absorption. Additionally, they are water repellent and buoyant, making them versatile for various applications.

    Their outstanding resistance to chemicals, solvents, grease, and fluids adds to their utility. Moreover, they provide effective thermal and acoustic insulation. Their ease of cutting, conversion, and shaping makes them convenient for various purposes.

    Advantages of using EVA Polyethylene Foam Washers

    EVA Polyethylene foam washers provide multiple advantages, finding applications across various industries. Polyethylene foam offers versatility with grades, densities, and colors.

    PE EVA foam's closed-cell structure seals against liquids, gases, and particles, making it ideal for sealing applications. Its lightweight, flexible, buoyant nature makes it a preferred choice for washers and cushioning parts that require resilience against impact and compression.

    Polyethylene EVA foam washers boast wear resistance, chemical resistance, and a wide temperature range (-40°C to +80°C). They also excel in noise and vibration control and serve well for thermal insulation.

    In addition to their functional properties, EVA Polyethylene foam washers have an appealing aesthetic with an easily workable texture. They can be fabricated, laminated, and cut into washers through various techniques, including pressing, CNC machining, and kiss cutting.

    Additional information

    These polyethylene materials offer an impressive array of characteristics due to their remarkable versatility. They seamlessly combine lightweight composition with exceptional durability, making them capable of withstanding various applications. Their active and robust nature ensures they excel in scenarios requiring impact, vibration, and shock absorption, effectively safeguarding valuable components and equipment.

    Additionally, these materials demonstrate innate water repellency and buoyancy, proving invaluable in situations where moisture resistance and floatation are crucial. Their active resistance to chemicals, solvents, grease, and fluids positions them as reliable choices in environments exposed to such substances, enhancing longevity, safety, and performance.

    Moreover, these materials shine as thermal and acoustic insulators, maintaining consistent temperatures and reducing noise levels for more comfortable and efficient spaces. Their active adaptability, whether in cutting, converting, or shaping, makes them a preferred choice for industries and applications demanding tailored solutions.

    In summary, these polyethylene materials are not passive components but active contributors to the success and safety of various applications. Their lightweight, durable, and versatile nature, coupled with their resistance to water, chemicals, and temperature variations, renders them indispensable in diverse fields, from manufacturing to construction. Whether shielding against impacts, insulating against temperature fluctuations, or repelling moisture, these materials actively meet the challenge, ensuring optimal performance and protection.

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