Evazote Foam Sheet

Evazote Foam Sheet

Evazote Foam Sheet

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd’s extensive storage facilities allows us to stock Evazote on blocks in a range of densities and colours all ready to be split into sheets.   Evazote® Foams are closed cell cross-linked ethylene copolymer foams, and look almost identical to Plastazote variants, however Evazote foams are stronger and more resilient due to the EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) added to the raw compound.

Evazote or EVA foams are produced by a copolymerization reaction between vinyl acetate and ethylene, resulting in a versatile material which can be used as an alternative to other materials such as PVC foam.  As with other polyethylene foams, Evazote foams manufactured in block form which can be split down into sheets of various thicknesses starting from as little as 1.5mm and supplied 1 meter or 2 meter lengths.   Alternatively the blocks of Evazote can be joined and split down into rolls of 10 metres or more , which can then be cut dow n into the desired sized sheet by the customer or end user as required.

As we offer in-house conversion and lamination services, not only can we split materials down, we can also laminate layers together to produce non-standard thicknesses or composite sheets using layers of different materials, as well as being able to apply self adhesives or foil facings to one of both faces. Our facilities house a number of presses, log cutters, strippers, bandsaws, CNC machines and coaters, which can be used to produce a number of Evazote foam products including gaskets, washers, strips, pads and fabrications, all of which can be cut from sheets.

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    Characteristics of Evazote Sheets

    • Colours: Various - Black, White, Blue, Red available as standard. Other colours available as a special order (moq may apply).
    • Densities available: 30kg - 50kg
    • Cell Structure: closed cell
    • Temperature Range: -70℃ - +100℃ (EV)-70℃ - +75℃ (VA)
    • Resistances: oils, solvents, acids, alkalis, moisture
    • Block Size: 2mtr x 1mtr
    • Conversion/Machinability: components can be machined or moulded
    • Properties: low odour, shock & impact resistance, tear resistant

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
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    What are Evazote Foam Sheets?

    As with other polyethylene foams, Evazote is manufactured in block or ‘bun’ form, in a range of densities and colours for use in different applications.  This foam is manufactured under high pressure, high temperature and using Nitrogen expansion to create a high quality material with uniform cell size and is water repellent.  Evazote is a closed cell foam, manufactured using ethylene vinyl acetate, which creates a ‘rubbery/spongy’ feel.  Evazote foams  are manufactured in 2 meter long x 1 meter wide sized blocks, which can easily split into sheets, these sheets can be taken in full, or cut into finished usable parts such as strips, gaskets, washers or pads.   Evazote foam  sheets are available in 2 grades, but at different densities, an EV and VA, the difference between the two being the proportional makeup of the ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer, EV has a higher VA content and a VA grade which has a lower VA content.

    Why use Evazote Polyethylene Foam Sheets?

    Evazote foam sheets are available in different densities and colours, they are tough and flexible,  and have a closed cell structure that is impenetrable to air and moisture, meaning it will not absorb liquids or allow them to pass through, also resistant to many chemicals.   Although softer than some other plastazote and polyethylene foam sheets,  those manufactured using Evazote are more resilient and durable enabling them to absorb impact and pressure without deteriorating or tearing.

    Components cut from Evazote sheets can be found widely used within the building and construction industries where they are used to create spacers,  seals and expansion joints, they can also be used to cut shoe insoles and swimming floats or boat fenders.   Evazote foams are used in applications to fill gaps and irregularities between uneven surfaces, provide a solution to unwanted rattles, noise, vibrations, to seal against air, gas, dust and liquids, and can also be used to cushion between moving parts to reduce friction and damage to components and equipment.

    Evazote foam sheets can be easily be compressed, which is a requirement In order for seals and gaskets cut from them to work effectively, as they  need to compress and fill the entire space to create a pressure and air tight protective seal Evazote foams offer vibration and impact absorption, resistances to chemicals and weather/environmental influences, thermal insulation and acoustical properties and buoyancy.

    Different Grades of Evazote Foam Sheets Available

    • EV30
    • EV50
    • EV45CN -  Conductive Evazote
    • VA35

    Benefits of Using Evazote Foam Sheets

    • Lightweight & durable
    • Good impact and shock absorbing properties
    • Water repellent and buoyant
    • Excellent chemical, oils, acids, alkalis and solvent resistance
    • Good thermal insulation
    • Non-toxic and low odour

    Advantages of Using Evazote Foam Sheets

    Sheets of Evazote foams are popular amongst our customers and can be taken in full or used to convert into finished components. The material offers users countless advantages, and is highly utilised in many industries and applications. Evazote foam is a man-made material, designed to suit a range of requirements offering features such as being odourless, lightweight, buoyant, non-toxic and offer resistance to many oils, solvents, acids, alkalis, it’s closed cell surface and structure does not allow the absorption of liquids and is easy to keep clean, as well as being weatherproof and UV stable.

    Evazote foams are usually the preferred choice for the production of components which require excellent recovery from repetitive impact and compression when used for example footwear insoles, knee pads, camping mats, floor underlay, etc. Evazote foams offer a wide functioning temperature range, maintaining its properties in temperatures as low as -70°C to as high as 100°C.

    Evazote sheets can be converted into finished products such as gaskets, seals, pads or washers, which can be manufactured using processes such as splitting, pressing, die cutting, routering and log cutting, as well as being moulded into a specific profile. The cost effectiveness, ease of machining and converting this material combined with the flexibility of being also able to buy moulded parts means Evazote foams can be taken and used in a range of applications and industries.

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