Flame Retardant Polyethylene Sheets

Flame Retardant Polyethylene Foam Sheets

Flame Retardant Polyethylene Sheets

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd are a leading UK supplier of Flame Retardant Polyethylene materials and products, and have a huge onsite storage facility enabling us to stock blocks ‘buns’ of polyethylene, in a range of densities ready for conversion.

Other names sometimes used to describe this material are flame retardant block foam, FR-PE foam, Flame retardant polyethylene sponge or LDPE-FR (low density Polyethylene) foam. Sheets of flame retardant polyethylene foam are split from 2 metre x 1 metre sized blocks of raw material using our state of the art splitting machines, which can quickly and accurately produce flame retardant polyethylene foam sheets in any thickness starting from as little as 1.5mm, supplied in a choice of 1 metre or 2 metre lengths.

Alternatively, the blocks of can be joined and split down into rolls 10 metres long or more, which can then be cut down into the desired sized polyethylene foam sheets by us, the customer or the end user as and when required.

As ASG offer in-house conversion and lamination services, we can not only split materials down, we can also laminate layers together to produce non-standard thicknesses or composite sheets using layers of different materials, as well as being able to apply self-adhesives or foil facings.

Our facilities house a number of presses, log cutters, strippers, bandsaws, CNC machines and coaters, which can be used to produce a number of Flame Retardant Polyethylene foam products including gaskets, washers, strips, pads and fabrications, all of which can be cut from flame retardant polyethylene foam sheets.

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    Characteristics Of Flame Retardant Polyethylene Foam

    • Colours: Anthracite
    • Density: 25kg - 100Kg
    • Grades Available: standard, flame retardant, EEV, EVA, Conductive, anti-static, high density, low density
    • Cell Structure: closed cell
    • Temperature Range: -60℃ - +90℃

    Full technical data for our flame retardant polyethylene foam can be supplied on request,
    or downloaded from our online portal.

    What Are Flame Retardant Polyethylene Foam Sheets?

    Flame Retardant Polyethylene (which is used to create flame retardant polyethylene foam sheets), as with other polyethylene foams a chemically cross-linked foam, part of the thermoplastic foam family, which has a small, uniform, closed-cell structure created by the foaming process, resulting in a high-quality, lightweight material.

    Flame retardant polyethylene is manufactured using the same compound composition as standard PE, but with the addition of a Flame Retardant additive. Flame Retardant Polyethylene offers a number of excellent characteristics and properties as well as being available in a variety of other grades (standard, EEV, EVA, Conductive and Anti-static) and densities. Densities in which flame retardant polyethylene foam sheets can be produced include 25kg, 30kg, 45kg, 60kg and 100kg - the density of the foam is measured as the weight or mass of the foam across its entire volume or within a cubic meter (m3).

    The denser the foam, the heavier and more compact the material is, this can vary some of the properties of the material and how it performs. Flame Retardant Polyethylene foam is manufactured in 2meter x 1meter sized blocks, which can easily split into polyethylene foam sheets which can be taken in full or cut into finished usable parts such as strips, gaskets, washers or pads.

    Why Use Flame Retardant Polyethylene Foam Sheets?

    Polyethylene foam can be manufactured in several grades and densities offering various properties so these polyethylene foam sheets can be used in different applications. All Polyethylene foam materials share the same standard set of properties which are a low compression set, resistant to water, oils, chemicals and weather, with additives being added to the raw compound resulting in the creation of additional specific properties.

    Flame Retardant Polyethylene is just one example , meaning during the compounding process the Flame Retardant additive is added, which causes the material to burn slower or even self-extinguish when exposed to open flames, both of which help reduce the spread of the fire.

    Being a closed cell material, sheets of flame retardant PE have a good tear resistance making them resilient and easy to cut using various tools and processes. As well as the FLame Retardant properties, these polyethylene foam sheets have further characteristics and properties which make the material so desirable, these include resistance to wear, UV and Ozone exposure, a smooth surface which will not support the growth of mold or fungus and an operating temperature range of -60°C to +90°C.

    Flame retardant polyethylene foam sheets also offer excellent mechanical characteristics including noise and vibration control and can be used for thermal insulation, fill gaps and irregularities between surfaces, reduce unwanted noise and use in the production of seals. Sheets of material are often preferred where only a small amount of material is required, or a small number of components are to be cut which saves the customer money and reduces waste, it is also easier to transport and store.

    Advantages Of Using Flame Retardant Polyethylene Foam Sheets

    Sheets of polyethylene can be supplied in various grades so customers benefit from having a choice and a number of properties allowing the material to be utilised in numerous industries and applications from dust seals and flame retardant gaskets to theatre and production props.

    Flame retardant polyethylene foam is a man-made material, with a closed cell structure which can be used in applications to seal liquid, gas and dust particles, it has a high resistance to wear, tear, Ozone and UV, resilience to impact and a working temperature range of -60°C to +90°C. It also offers excellent mechanical characteristics including noise and vibration control, for shock absorption and can be used for thermal insulation.

    The addition of the flame retardant additive in the compounding also gives these polyethylene foam sheets of material self extinguishing and slower burn rate properties, meaning they are excellent for use where there is a risk of fire, as they will help reduce the spread of the flames.

    Flame retardant polyethylene foam sheets are aesthetically pleasing, with a nice texture and are easy to fabricate, laminate and cut into parts using a range of techniques and processes for use within the theatrics, building and construction, HVAC, automotive, packaging and sports industries.

    Types Of Polyethylene Available

    Having a network of manufacturers and suppliers, allows ASG to offer a full range of polyethylene materials, many of which are readily available from stock for a quick turnaround. Below is just a selection of some of our popular polyethylene material types we can offer:

    • Polyethylene (Block foam)
    • Alveo
    • Anti static
    • Ethafoam
    • Eva foam
    • Chemically cross linked
    • Plastazote
    • Stratocell

    Benefits Of Using Polyethylene Foam

    • Lightweight, strong & durable
    • Good impact and shock absorbing properties
    • Flame retardant polyethylene foam sheets are water repellent and buoyant
    • Excellent chemical, solvent, grease and fluid resistance
    • Good thermal and acoustic insulation
    • Flame Retardant properties reduces the spread of flames
    • Polyethylene foam sheets are easy to cut, convert & shape
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