Flame Retardent Silicone Sponge Washers

Flame Retardent Silicone Sponge Washers

Flame Retardent Silicone Sponge Washers

Here at Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd, we pride ourselves on being one of the UK’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of non-metallic washers, including those made using various grades of silicone.  One of our more specialist grades is Flame Retardant Silicone Sponge, used to manufacture flame retardant silicone sponge washers, which can be supplied either as 915mm x 1-meter sheets or continuous rolls of varying lengths depending on the grade and thickness required. 

Flame retardant silicone sponge can be supplied in thicknesses ranging from 0.8mm right up to 25.4mm, but again these thicknesses vary between densities from which flame retardant silicone sponge washers can be cut. All our flame retardant silicone sponge washers are manufactured in-house using a combination of a skilled workforce and high-spec machinery, using either our oscillating knife or one of our many presses, depending upon size, thickness and quantity required. 

Our range of machinery means we can manufacture flame retardant silicone sponge washers to match your specified dimensions in any quantity quickly and efficiently, which in return passes on a quality product and a cost-saving.  

What are Flame Retardant Silicone Sponge Washers?

Flame retardant silicone sponge has all the properties of standard silicone sponge but with extra additives mixed into the formulation to create a more superior product. 

The sponge compound is chemically expanded and heat-cured to create the closed cell structure, giving the material the performance benefits of solid silicone, but in a softer form with useful properties of sponge, such as softness, flexibility and conformability.   

A ‘washer’ is a flat ring of material with Outer Diameter (OD), Internal Diameter (ID) measurements, which is placed between two surfaces or between joints in order to reduce friction and prevent unsteadiness, creating a level surface for nuts, bolts and other fixings to rest on, improving the fit for fixings and can be used as a water or airtight seal. 


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    Product Specification & Key Characteristics

    • Colour: Grey, Black, White
    • Working Temperature Range:  -55°C to + 200°C
    • Density: 160 - 432kg/m2
    • Sheet size availability: 915mm x 1m or in continuous rolls
    • Thickness available: 0.8mm - 25.4mm - depending on density
    • Standards: BS6853, GM/RT 2125, LUL, NF F 16-101, UL-94 V-0, HF1

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
    or downloaded from our online portal.

    Why use Flame Retardant Silicone Sponge Washers?

    Class O Acoustic Foam Gaskets can be manufactured with a plain or self-adhesive backing to allow for easy installation and to hold the gasket in place, ensuring it remains stable even if the application moves.

    Clients can choose from a selection of adhesives including acrylic, scrim and tissue with low, medium or high tack options, depending upon the individual requirements.    Acoustic foam gaskets can also be cut from foam laminated to a range of our other materials using spray adhesives.

    Advantages of using Flame Retardant Silicone Sponge Washers?

    Customers often choose flame retardant silicone sponge as their material for the production of flame retardant silicone sponge washers as it offers a number of excellent characteristics and properties, including UV and ozone resistance making it suitable for internal and external applications. 

    Flame retardant silicone sponge washers offer a wide operating temperature range of -55°C to + 200°C, with an even higher temperature grade available upon request.  Its closed-cell structure offers excellent sealing for water, with low levels of compression, and also gives the material an excellent compression set resistance (its ability to return to its original shape and thickness following compression). 

    Flame retardant silicone sponge washers are designed to offer exceptional insulation, anti-vibration, cushions and sealing even in the most unstable and harsh environments.

    Key Benefits of Flame Retardant Silicone Sponge

    • Various grades/densities available to meet different standards
    • Weathering, UV and Ozone resistance
    • Wide operating temperature range
    • Easy to cut into different parts 
    • Will hold self adhesive and foil backings
    • More durable than standard silicone sponge

    Different Densities available

    All of the densities below can be used as a sealing material used to prevent the ingress and penetration of air, dust and water, even with some sponge options having an open cell structure, as well as offering good resistance to weathering, UV, Ozone and ability to withstand extreme temperatures and environments, however, the density of each will offer features and benefits suited to different applications:

    Medium - excellent shape memory as well as low-stress relaxation. The superior shape memory makes this particular grade ideal for use in the manufacture of gaskets. 

    Firm  - offers a higher tear resistance and superior tensile strength making it more durable and suited to sealing applications.

    Extra Firm - offers greater conformability and even pressure distribution even at high temperatures, often used in the manufacture of press pads for heat transfer machines.

    Extra Soft - an open cell structure that is highly compressible meaning it can still offer protection and sealing against dust, moisture and air.  This grade is often selected for sealing enclosures and protecting electronics from heat and shock.

    Ultra Soft Density  - is highly conformable and can be manipulated into gaps of varying widths and awkward shapes, offering excellent shape memory  even after long periods of time under compression

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