High Tack – Low Tack Adhesive

Hick Tack - Low Tack Adhesive

High Tack – Low Tack Adhesive

Hick Track - Low Tack Adhesive is a specialized adhesive solution engineered to provide temporary and gentle bonding for a wide range of applications. This unique low tack adhesive offers excellent adhesion without leaving residue behind when removed, making it ideal for situations where you need a secure yet non-permanent bond. Whether it's for crafting, signage, temporary displays, or any application that requires easy removal, Hick Track is the perfect choice.

Key Features:

  1. Low Tack Adhesion: Hick Track adhesive features a low-tack formulation, ensuring that it securely holds items in place without causing damage or leaving sticky residue upon removal.
  2. Gentle on Surfaces: This adhesive is designed to be gentle on a variety of surfaces, including paper, walls, glass, plastic, and fabric, making it versatile for numerous applications.
  3. Easy Application: Hick Track is easy to apply, allowing for precise positioning and repositioning without tearing or damaging delicate materials.
  4. Clean Removal: When it's time to remove or reposition items, this adhesive peels away cleanly, leaving no marks, stains, or residue behind.
  5. Versatility: Whether you're using it for temporary signage, crafting, mounting posters, or securing lightweight objects, Hick Track offers reliable and damage-free adhesion.
  6. Customization: We offer various roll sizes, widths, and custom shapes to meet your specific project requirements. Custom printing is available for branding and labeling needs.


  • Crafts and Hobbies: Perfect for scrapbooking, cardmaking, and other craft projects where you need a secure yet non-permanent bond.
  • Signage and Displays: Ideal for temporary signs, banners, posters, and displays in retail, events, and exhibitions.
  • Temporary Mounting: Used to temporarily mount lightweight objects, decorations, and artwork without damaging walls or surfaces.
  • Education: Suitable for classroom and educational displays, allowing easy removal without residue or damage.
  • Home and Office: Convenient for temporarily affixing notes, decorations, and lightweight items to walls, windows, and other surfaces.

Why Choose Hick Track - Low Tack Adhesive?

Hick Track - Low Tack Adhesive offers a unique combination of secure adhesion and clean, residue-free removal. Whether you're a crafter, event organizer, educator, or simply need a gentle adhesive for temporary bonding, our Hick Track adhesive is the reliable choice. It provides the convenience and peace of mind that your projects can be easily adjusted or removed without causing damage or leaving behind unsightly residue.

For detailed product specifications, technical data, or to discuss customization options for your specific needs, please contact our dedicated customer support team.

What are High Tack and Low Tack Adhesive?

Adhesive tapes play a crucial role in various industries, and the choice between high tack and low tack adhesive is pivotal in determining their effectiveness for specific applications. This article explores the differences between high tack and low tack adhesives, the reasons for their use, the benefits they offer, and the distinct advantages that make each type suitable for particular scenarios.

Understanding High Tack and Low Tack Adhesive

High Tack Adhesive: High tack adhesive is characterized by its strong initial bonding strength. It quickly adheres to surfaces upon contact, creating an instant and robust bond. This type of adhesive is often chosen for applications where a secure and immediate bond is essential.

Low Tack Adhesive: Conversely, low tack adhesive is designed to have a gentle or temporary bond. It adheres more slowly and can be repositioned without leaving residue. Low tack adhesives are ideal for applications where a temporary bond is needed, and the ability to remove or reposition the adhesive without damaging surfaces is crucial.

Benefits of High Tack and Low Tack Adhesives

Benefits of High Tack Adhesive:

Quick Application: The fast bonding nature of high tack adhesive streamlines the application process, saving time.

Strong and Durable Bonds: High tack adhesives create strong and durable bonds, ensuring the longevity of the adhesion.

Stability: The strong initial tack contributes to the stability of the bonded materials, making high tack adhesives suitable for demanding applications.

Benefits of Low Tack Adhesive:

Repositionability: Low tack adhesives allow for easy repositioning, providing flexibility in applications where adjustments are necessary.

Clean Removal: The ability to remove low tack adhesive without leaving residue ensures a clean removal, minimizing the need for additional cleaning steps.

Temporary Applications: Low tack adhesives are ideal for temporary applications, offering a reliable yet temporary bond that can be easily reversed.

Advantages of High Tack and Low Tack Adhesives

Advantages of High Tack Adhesive:

Instant Bonding: The immediate adhesion of high tack adhesive is advantageous in applications where a quick and secure bond is crucial.

Versatility: High tack adhesives can be used in a wide range of industries and applications, from manufacturing to construction, where permanent bonding is required.

Reduced Downtime: The fast bonding nature of high tack adhesive reduces downtime in manufacturing processes, contributing to increased efficiency.

Advantages of Low Tack Adhesive:

Flexibility: Low tack adhesives offer flexibility, allowing for adjustments and repositioning without compromising the quality of the bond.

Damage Prevention: The gentle nature of low tack adhesive prevents damage to surfaces during removal, making it suitable for delicate materials.

Temporary Solutions: Low tack adhesives provide effective solutions for temporary applications, allowing for easy removal when the temporary bond is no longer needed.

Why Use High Tack and Low Tack Adhesives?

High Tack Adhesive:

Quick Bonding: High tack adhesives offer rapid bonding, making them suitable for applications where immediate adhesion is necessary.

Strong Initial Tack: The strong initial tack ensures a reliable and secure bond between surfaces, contributing to the stability of the bonded materials.

Permanent Applications: High tack adhesives are often chosen for permanent applications where a robust and long-lasting bond is required.

Low Tack Adhesive:

Repositionability: Low tack adhesives can be easily repositioned without damaging surfaces, making them ideal for temporary applications or when adjustments are needed.

Removability: The ability to remove the adhesive without leaving residue is beneficial in applications where a clean removal is essential.

Temporary Bonds: Low tack adhesives are well-suited for temporary bonding needs, such as in crafting, labeling, or temporary signage.

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