Leather Strip

Leather Strip

Leather Strip

Here at Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd, we offer a wide range of products made from a broad variety of materials. These products include leather strips, which provide strength, durability, and flexibility. Utilizing our state-of-the-art machinery, including band saws, strippers, log cutters, and presses, we offer leather strips suitable for a wide range of applications and specifications. Our leather strips are available in a selection of colours, sizes and thicknesses, and are manufactured plain or with a self-adhesive backing.  

Throughout the manufacturing process, we work closely with our customers to provide a completely bespoke service. This is regardless of whether the product is produced as a one-off or in large quantities. 

Leather is available from us in many other forms including:


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    Characteristics of Leather Strips

    • Standard Thickness:  1.5 to 6mm
    • Colour: Black, Brown, Honey, Aged, Red, Green
    • Resistances: water, oil, salts, grease and detergents
    • Temperature range:  0° to 150°
    • Max. Pressure, psi: 500

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
    or downloaded from our online portal.

    What is Leather?

     Our leather strips are made from tanned cattle hide and are available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and colours. During processing, the leather is made stable and neutralised from the risk of putrefaction; this ensures that the leather strips are fit for purpose and long lasting.

    As a rigid and rugged material, leather has a high tensile strength and resists flex, tears, and punctures. Our leather is normally skived on one side and therefore appears dark brown or black on one side. However, it can be supplied in a range of colours on the opposite side, allowing customers to customize their final product. 

    Why use Leather Strips?

    Leather strips are lengths of material cut to a specific length as specified by our customers. They are ideal for use in demanding environments and are often utilized by our customers in applications that require robust and durable seals.

    Leather strips have numerous advantages, including being water resistant and capable of withstanding heavy torque and manipulation. Our leather products offer strength, durability and a range of resistances but should be oiled to preserve their lifespan. 

    Benefits of using Leather Strips

    • Strong & durable
    • Good impact and shock absorbing properties
    • Water resistant
    • High levels of manipulation
    • Flexible
    • Leather gives an option to replace seals no longer manufactured

    Advantages of using Leather Strips

    Leather strips have numerous advantages since they are highly flexible and resistant to water, oil, salts, grease, and detergents. In addition to being lightweight, these products are extremely durable, strong and offer a high tensile strength.

    As a result of these desirable characteristics, leather is a popular material in industries such as construction, outdoor pursuits, and automotive manufacturing.

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