Neoprene Gaskets

Here at Advanced Seals & Gaskets we offer the best in service and quality in neoprene sponge gaskets.  We cut all neoprene sponge gaskets in house, this gives us the ability to work with you closely to provide the best products possible.

Neoprene sponge gaskets have a variety of uses, specifically with water as neoprene sponge is a form of rubber it is highly water resistant and can be used with salt or freshwater.  Neoprene sponge is not only water resistant it is also resistant to oils, Ozone and chemicals which makes for good use in a variety of applications such as automotive and industrial seals, air and water tight seals, sound and thermal insulators as well as interior and exterior applications.  If you are not sure if neoprene sponge is the best material for you or you are looking for another material please get in touch or visit our materials page.

Neoprene Sponge Gasket

Neoprene sponge is a closed cell, high quality material that is versatile and durable. As a synthetic rubber it has similarities to EPDM in the relations to resilience and resistance to abrasion. As neoprene sponge is chemically inert it is one of the best materials to be cut into gaskets, this matched with oil and water resistance it is no wonder neoprene sponge is most commonly used in the automotive industry. For more information on neoprene sponge please see the specification sheet at the bottom of the page.

Neoprene sponge gaskets are best used with oils and waters due the chemical resistance and water tight nature of the material.  Neoprene sponge gaskets also have a good compression rate which allows the gasket to create an airtight seal or to protect from dust and other particles.  There is a variety of uses for neoprene sponge gaskets such as washers, high temperature application and oil resistant gaskets.  Neoprene sponge gaskets come in a variety thicknesses and grades, see below for more information.

Neoprene sponge gaskets come in a variety of grades and densities.  Neoprene sponge gaskets come in a flame retardant grade that can handle continuous temperatures from -40°C to 115°C, this makes flame retardant neoprene sponge (FR) highly desirable for application in flammable situations or alternating temperatures.  We also offer neoprene sponge gaskets in a firm grade which helps with controlling the compression and durability of the gasket. We offer neoprene sponge gaskets in a variety of densities ranging from 150KG/M³ to 200KG/M³.  Please get in touch if you are unsure which grade of neoprene sponge you require for your gasket.

Neoprene Gaskets

Benefits of neoprene sponge gaskets

Key characteristics of neoprene sponge gaskets

  • Durable
  • Oil Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Flame retardant
  • Sound absorbing
  • Energy absorbing
  • Colour: Black (FR available in grey)
  • Density: 150-200KG/M³
  • Tensile Strength: >500kpa
  • Temperature Range: -40ºc to +115ºc
  • Thickness: 1mm – 40mm (can be laminated for a greater thickness)

There are many advantages to using neoprene sponge gaskets in your project.  Due to the compressive nature of neoprene sponge along with the water and oil resistant characters this material is one the highest quality in creating a water and air tight seal.  The tight seal created by the neoprene sponge is also highly effective in keeping out dust, particles and chemicals.  Neoprene sponge gaskets are commonly used in the automotive trade for a reason, neoprene sponge can handle the alternating temperatures of moving parts in vehicles as well as protecting from oils due to the high resistance of oils.

Our closed cell neoprene sponge is best used to protect from oils and chemicals, this is what makes neoprene sponge so popular in the automotive industry.  Neoprene sponge is used for much more than gaskets, we also provide neoprene sponge stripssheetspadsrolls and extrusions, these products are also available with self-adhesive backing. There are many uses for neoprene sponge, if you would like more information to see if neoprene sponge is the right material for your project please get in touch.

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