Non-Asbestos Fibre Washers

Non-Asbestos Fibre Washers

Product Specification & Key Characteristics

Product Specification & Key Characteristics:

Color: The nitrile bonded cork material offers a variety of color options, which can be grade or brand-specific, granting customers flexibility in selecting the appearance that best suits their requirements.

Maximum Operating Temperature: Depending on the chosen grade or type of nitrile bonded cork, the material can endure maximum operating temperatures of up to 450°C. This information is vital for applications exposed to high temperatures, ensuring the material's suitability for such conditions.

Thickness Options: Nitrile bonded cork is available in a range of standard thicknesses, including 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, and 3mm. These thickness options offer versatility and accommodate various sealing, gasketing, and insulating needs.

Technical Data: Detailed technical data about nitrile bonded cork material can be provided upon request. Customers can access this information to gain a comprehensive understanding of the material's specific properties, performance characteristics, and its suitability for their applications. Additionally, technical data can be downloaded from the company's online portal, ensuring convenient access for customers seeking pertinent information.

Non-Asbestos Fibre Washers

At Advanced Seals & Gaskets, we craft a multitude of washers, including specialized non-asbestos fiber variants. Non-asbestos fiber washers are crucial, as they've been developed to replace hazardous asbestos materials, which are illegal and unsafe. These washers are manufactured in-house, utilizing customer-provided measurements and drawings, ensuring precision and satisfaction. Our state-of-the-art equipment handles washers of varying sizes and quantities, from single prototypes to large batch orders. Washers are highly sought-after in various industries, serving functions such as sealing against dust, air, and moisture, bridging gaps between uneven surfaces, and dampening noise and vibrations. Non-asbestos fiber washers excel in environments with extreme heat, water, petrol, and natural gases.

What are Non-Asbestos Fibre Washers?

Non-asbestos fiber, or CNAF (compressed non-asbestos fiber), is among several fiber jointing materials at our disposal for washer production. These washers are flat rings with outer and inner diameter measurements. They're cut from sheets and serve as spacers or seals between surfaces or to distribute pressure when used with bolts. Non-asbestos materials comprise fibers and carbon bonded with a polymer to cater to various applications. They're available in sheet form, and washers are crafted with thicknesses from 0.25mm to 4mm.

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    Washers can be used as a gap filler, dust/air/water seal, cushion or spacer.  We manufacture washers using an extensive range of other materials including neoprene, silicone, solid rubber, sponge, plastics, polyethylene, PVC, Polyester, cork, textiles and many more, using specialist presses and CNC machinery.

    Why use Non-Asbestos Fibre Washers?

    Non-asbestos fiber is meticulously engineered to not merely supplant the original 'Asbestos' material but to supersede it with myriad commendable attributes. This versatile material comes in various formulations, each meticulously tailored to bestow specific properties well-suited for a diverse spectrum of applications.

    It exhibits remarkable adaptability by combining with nitrile, endowing it with exceptional fuel and oil resistance. When blended with EPDM, it metamorphoses into a potable water-safe product. Likewise, when infused with PTFE, it attains chemical resistance. Additionally, it can be equipped with a graphite coating to acquire steam and non-stick resistance.

    Non-asbestos fiber washers predominantly find their niche in high-pressure environments such as compression chambers, air compressors, and marine settings. They are crucial components in the automotive sector, including diesel engines. Furthermore, they play an instrumental role in the oil, gas, chemical, and fuel processing industries, showcasing their exceptional versatility and reliability.

    Benefits of Non-Asbestos Fibre Washers

    • Water/steam resistance (selected grades)
    • Chemical Resistant
    • Fuel Resistant
    • Impermeable To Gas
    • Available in a range of grades
    • Excellent Seal

    Advantages of Using Non-Asbestos Fibre Washers

    The various grades of non-asbestos fibre materials come with countless advantages and properties that are ideal for many industries. Non-asbestos fibre washers are preferred in applications where there is exposure to extreme heat, water, petrol and natural gases. Non-asbestos fibre washers can be supplied in specifically cut shapes, easily produced using one of our many presses, kiss-cut machines and even our oscillating knife for larger/thicker washers, all available plain or coated with one of many self-adhesives.



    Novus 10: A black material composed of carbon fiber and nitrile rubber. With a maximum operating temperature of 435°C, it's ideal for applications involving oils, fuels, and refrigerants. It features good steam and creep resistance.

    Novus: A yellow material consisting of aramid fibers and nitrile rubber, offering a maximum operating temperature of 400°C. It exhibits robust resistance to general chemicals, steam, oil, fuel, and gas. Notably, it has excellent resistance to hot and cold water and is WRAS approved for potable water applications.

    Novus 26: A green material made up of aramid fibers and natural rubber, providing an operating temperature of 300°C. It offers good swell control when exposed to oil and is resistant to water, making it suitable for automotive applications.

    Novus 30: This orange material contains both aramid fibers and inorganic components, with a nitrile rubber binder. It has a maximum operating temperature of 400°C and displays all-round resistance to water, steam, oil, fuel, chemicals, and gas.

    Novus 34: Manufactured in white, this grade combines aramid fibers, inorganic fibers, special additives, and nitrile rubber. With a maximum working temperature of 450°C, it displays excellent resistance to gases, solvents, oils, and high-pressure steam.

    Novus 45: A blue material made from recycled synthetic fiber jointing and nitrile rubber. It can handle temperatures up to 300°C and offers good resistance to milder chemicals, low-pressure steam, fuel, and oil.


    Klinger, another favored non-asbestos fiber material, is available in a variety of grades, each suited for distinct environments and applications. These grades are produced using carefully selected materials to offer high-level resistance and varying maximum working temperatures. Typically, Klinger materials excel in resisting water, petrol, oils, solvents, gases, steam, and some acids/alkalis. They are frequently employed in sealing applications within industries like oil, gas, petrochemicals, power generation, and aerospace.

    C4324: Charcoal/anthracite in color, this grade is made from aramid glass fiber and nitrile rubber, boasting a maximum operating temperature of 324°C. It is fully WRAS approved for potable water and is suitable for use with oils and fuels.

    C4400: Recognizable by its blue color, C4400 is composed of aramid fibers and nitrile rubber binders. It offers a maximum working temperature of 400°C, making it suitable for high-pressure environments. This grade exhibits good resistance to air, water, steam, saltwater, fuel, oil, gas, and acids.

    Grade C4430: This silver/grey grade is a premium product, made from aramid fibers and a nitrile rubber binder. It can withstand temperatures of up to 430°C and offers exceptional compressive strength, displaying good resistance to hot water steam, oil, grease, fuel, alcohol, acids, and lubricants.

    C4500: Dark grey in color, C4500 is created from a composition of carbon fibers, nitrile rubber, and a heat-resistant additive. It can withstand temperatures of up to 450°C and is well-suited for chemical industries, offering resistance to oil, gases, salt solutions, fuels, alcohols, acids, hydrocarbons, refrigerants, and lubricants.

    For more information on non-asbestos pads or assistance in choosing the right material for your application, please don't hesitate to contact our team. We're here to help.

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