Nylatron Washers

Nylatron Washers

Nylatron Washers

Plastics are popular choice of material when it comes to washer conversion, and are just one of hundreds of materials supplied by ASG, which are available in many grades, colours and thicknesses, with one type being Nylatron. Nylatron is the trade name for this particular type of plastic which is part of the Nylon family, often found utilised within the engineering and machinery sectors due to its strength and wear properties. Nylatron plastic is manufactured in a number of sheet sizes up to 100mm thick and also in tube form, from which washers can be cut, however as Nylatron can be cast much thicker or bespoke-sized washers can also be made to order. Machined Nylatron plastic washers can be produced onsite using one of many saws, presses or our CNC oscillating knife, which can be supplied coated with a choice of adhesive tapes or foils.

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    Characteristics of Nylatron

    • Colour: Black/Grey, Grey, Blue & Reddish-brown (depending on grade)
    • Density: 1.16 g/cm³
    • Melting temperature:  215 °C
    • Min. service temperature: -30°C
    • Max. continuous allowable service temperature in the air: 105 / 90 to 170°C (short periods)
    • Fillers: Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2)
    • Resistance: chemical, electricity, wear, fatigue

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    What are Nylatron Washers?

    Nylatron plastic washers are flat rings of material which can be placed between two surfaces or between joints in order to reduce friction and prevent unsteadiness, creating a level surface for nuts, bolts and other fixings to rest on, improving the fit for fixings and can be used as a water or air tight seal. Nylatron plastic washers are manufactured to order, by following either samples, drawings or dimensions provided by customers, which would detail the Outer Diameter (OD), Internal Diameter (ID) and Thickness, manufactured in a plain or self-adhesive finish. Nylatron plastics are a range of modified grades of Nylon plastic, which are formulated with additional additives and compounds which in turn improve many of the properties of the washers in comparison to those made from standard Nylon. Nylatron is typically filled with Molybdenum disulfide, which is a lubricating powder, an inorganic compound made up of molybdenum and sulphur, widely used as a dry lubricant, which demonstrates low friction and robustness in the washers.

    Why use Nylatron Washers?

    There are many reasons why Nylatron would be the material of choice for the production of washers, which have the flexibility to be utilised in a range of applications as Nylatron can be made in a variety of grades including unfilled, glass fiber filled, oil filled, internally lubricated, heat stabilized and fiber reinforced from which the pads are cut. Nylatron washers offer high mechanical strength and wear resistance, improved load bearings, self-lubricating properties and good electrical insulating properties, often found used as a lightweight, longer-lasting alternative to metal fixtures and fittings which are resistant to corrosion.

    Grades of Nylatron Plastic Available:

    Nylatron Plastic washers can be manufactured in a number of grades, each with varying levels of strength and resistance, suited to different applications, so of these variants include:

    Nylatron GSM - an anthracite-coloured material with enhanced load bearing and impact resistance.

    Nylatron GS - anthracite in colour which is a harder material with enhanced load bearing and wear properties, but has reduced impact resistance.

    Nylatron NSM - a grey cast nylon formulation which contains solid lubricant additives - making this material self-lubricating! This grade offers superior wear resistance and excellent frictional properties for use within applications with moving parts.

    Nylatron MC901 - recognised by its blue colour, offering resistance to fatigue and higher levels of strength and flexibility.

    Nylatron 4.6 - a brown/red coloured variant of Nylon plastic which demonstrates excellent stability, creep, wear and ageing resistance even when used in high temperatures.

    Benefits of Using Nylatron washers

    • Sliding properties, sometimes self-lubricating (depending on grade)
    • Electrical insulating properties
    • Wear resistance
    • Excellent mechanical strength
    • Fatigue resistance
    • Chemical and corrosion resistance

    Advantages of Using Nylatron Washers

    Some of the most demanding applications and industries such as engineering, electrical appliance and machinery manufacturing often use Nylatron as their choice of plastic for washers, as the material offers numerous advantages. Nylatron washers offer improved sliding, mechanical and wear resistance properties which are further enhanced using molybdenum disulfide lubricating powder. This lubricant additive also improves the thermal properties, without having any negative effects on the chemical and electrical properties.  Standard Nylon washers are highly utilised in many engineering, mechanical and electrical industries, but some very demanding applications require a more robust and tough material, which is where Nylatron is perfect. Nylatron washers can be converted or cut from standard sheets or tubes, or cast in bespoke sizes to order. Using Nylatron washers are useful in applications where a lightweight, non-corrosive alternative to metal washers are needed or where access to machinery parts that require lubrication are difficult to get to contact needs to remain minimal to reduce the risk of contamination.

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