Industrial Sponge Sheet

Open Cell Natural Industrial Sponge Rubber Sheets

Industrial Sponge Sheet

Sponge sheet materials are one of Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd most highly demanded products, which include a range of specialist sponge grades such as open cell industrial sponge, also called sorbo sponge or open cell natural industrial sponge rubber sheets.

Open cell industrial sponge is manufactured in roll form in standard thicknesses ranging from 3 mm upto 25 mm with skin skin finish on both faces, the roll length of this material vary depending on the thickness - with 3mm produced at around 32 meters long, whereas the 25mm may only be 6 meters in length.

On-site conversion facilities allows us to not only cut these rolls down in 1 meter or 2 meter lengths, but we can also split the material down or laminate layers together in order to produce and supply non standard thicknesses, all of which can be supplied in full sheets, or alternatively we can convert them into smaller parts such as cut strips, gaskets or washers, coated with a choice of self adhesives, foils or even layers of other materials.

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    Key Characteristics of Using Open Cell Natural Sponge Rubber

    • Colour: Black (textured skin finish with some chalk residues possible from the manufacturing process)
    • Structure: Open cell
    • Density: 380 Kg/m3
    • Temperature Range: -40ºC - +80ºC
    • Tensile Strength: 280 kpa
    • Elongation at Break: 250%
    • Resistances: OZONE: Poor
    • OIL: Poor ACIDS: Medium/Good
    • ALKALIS: Good

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
    or downloaded from our online portal.

    What Are (Sorbo) Open Cell Natural Industrial Sponge Rubber Sheets?

    Many of the sponge sheets available from ASG are closed cell, however Sorbo sponge rubber is an open cell material. Open cell industrial sponge is a natural rubber sponge materials are manufactured in roll form, recognisable by it’s patterned skin and the open cell structure which gives it excellent compression recovery properties and allows for the circulation of gases and fluids in applications that require it.

    This material is very versatile and can be supplied in full rolls for customers to cut down into sheets as and when needed, or cut down and supplied as 2 meter or 1 meter long sheets.

    Why Use (Sorbo) Open Cell Natural Industrial Sponge Rubber Sheets?

    Sorbo or Industrial sponge rubber is a fairly heavy duty and robust material, even though it is manufactured to be soft and compressible, with excellent compression recovery properties.

    Open cell natural industrial sponge rubber is pre-manufactured and stocked in a range of standard roll lengths and thicknesses, ready for despatch or conversion into smaller sheets or pads. Customers will often take this material in full sheets as it allows them to cut their own parts as and when required.

    Parts cut from open cell natural industrial sponge rubber offer good anti-vibration and acoustic absorption, resistance to weathering and ozone and can be used for seal between uneven surfaces, as protective packaging and as noise-reducing floor strips.

    The Advantages of Using Open Cell Natural Sponge Rubber Sheets

    Using sheets of open cell natural sponge rubber offers numerous advantages, it's a soft- feel material with an open cell structure allowing the material to be used in applications where resistance to fluids is only required when a surface coating is applied, otherwise it will still allow for moisture absorption and the circulation of moisture and gas when the application requires it.

    Open cell natural sponge rubber sheets are available in a range of thicknesses, all offering excellent compression recovery particularly when it’s used for repetitive loading and distortion applications such as packaging and expansion joint sealing, it also has excellent sound and vibration absorption properties making it perfect for use in flooring systems mainly as joist isolation tapes. Customers often prefer to take this sorbo sponge as cut sheets as the material is quite heavy, therefore sheets are easier to handle.

    Benefits Of Using Open Cell Natural Sponge Rubber

    • Excellent compression recovery properties.
    • Seal around uneven or complex shapes
    • Interconnected cell structures also allow for the limited absorption
    • Circulation of gases and fluids
    • Good anti-vibration properties
    • Good weathering & ozone resistance

    Other Grades of Sponge Materials Available

    • EPDM - medium, firm, semi-open cell, high temperature
    • Neoprene - FR, medium, firm
    • Silicone
    • Polyurethane
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