Plastazote Polyethylene Foam Strips

Plastazote Polyethylene Foam Strip

Plastazote Polyethylene Foam Strips

ASG stands as a prominent leader in foam strip conversion and manufacturing across the nation. We specialize in a variety of Polyethylene (PE) foam types, with a broad spectrum of colors, grades, and densities. Notably, we offer Plastazote foam, available in densities spanning from 15kg to 70kg, referenced as LD15, LD33, LD45, LD60, or LD70, respectively.

This closed-cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam is exceptionally lightweight and entirely free from chemical agents, rendering it an ideal choice for highly sensitive environments. Plastazote PE foams are produced and maintained in block form, facilitating easy conversion into sheets or rolls with thicknesses starting at a mere 1.5mm. These can further be transformed into strips tailored to your specifications.

Our commitment to customization means that every Plastazote foam strip is crafted to order, utilizing cutting-edge machinery. This includes band saws, strippers, log cutters, and presses, all adapted according to the size and quantity required. For high-volume production of small strips, we offer the option of kiss-cutting for rapid and efficient results. Conversely, for longer continuous lengths, our log cutters excel in precisely sectioning rolls or coils of foam strips, with lengths exceeding 10 meters and widths around 4mm.

Our in-house production capabilities empower us to maintain tight quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process, ensuring that we consistently deliver high-quality strips that are competitively priced. What sets us apart is our ability to offer a range of finishes, such as foils, self-adhesives, or the utilization of composite sheets where polyethylene is laminated with other materials. Your unique needs can be met through our versatile and customizable approach.

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    Characteristics of Plastazote Polyethylene Foam

    Colours: Black and white as standard (red, blue, yellow and green, pink, etc) can be supplied upon request

    Density: 15kg - 70kg

    Cell Structure: closed cell

    Temperature Range: -70℃ - +105℃

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
    or downloaded from our online portal.

    What are Plastazote Polyethylene Foam Strips?

    Plastazote foams are produced in a block or 'bun' configuration, offering a spectrum of densities tailored for diverse applications. These foams, made from cross-linked, closed-cell polyethylene, originate from crude oil, where nitrogen expansion enhances their quality. This manufacturing method yields a durable and pliable material with a closed-cell structure, rendering it impermeable to air and moisture.

    These characteristics make Plastazote foams ideal for applications like surface protection and gasket tapes, as they neither allow the passage of liquids nor absorb them. This remarkable feature ensures their effectiveness in safeguarding surfaces and sealing against moisture infiltration. Moreover, these foams are commonly transformed into strips or tapes, further enhancing their versatility.

    Why use Plastazote Polyethylene Foam Strips?

    Low-density Plastazote foams readily undergo conversion into various products, including strips, thanks to their ease of splitting. Despite their low densities, these materials exhibit remarkable recovery after compression and impact. They also showcase impressive resistance to an array of chemicals, solvents, acids, alkalies, and certain oils.

    This resilience ensures that rolls and components derived from these foams find extensive applications in sealing and insulating roles. Moreover, all Plastazote materials are characterized by their lightweight nature and the absence of chemical agents, making them highly suitable for "clean" environments like those in the food, pharmaceutical, and scientific industries.

    Different Grades of Polyethylene Available

    Having a network of manufacturers and suppliers, allows ASG to offer a full range of polyethylene materials, many of which are readily available from stock for a quick turnaround.  Below is just a selection of some of our popular polyethylene material types we can offer:

    • Polyethylene (Block foam)
    • Anti-static
    • Ethafoam
    • Eva foam
    • Flame retardant
    • Chemically cross linked
    • Plastazote (densities from 15kg to 70kg)
    • Stratocell

    Benefits of using Plastazote Polyethylene Foam?

    • Lightweight & durable
    • Good impact and shock-absorbing properties
    • Water-repellent and buoyant
    • Excellent chemical, oils, acids, alkalis and solvent resistance
    • Good thermal insulation
    • Non-toxic and low odour
    • Easy to cut, convert & shape

    Advantages of Using Acoustic Foam Strips

    The use of Plastazote foam strips brings many advantages, meaning the material is highly utilised in numerous industries and applications, Plastazote foam materials are man-made, designed to suit a range of requirements and is available in a choice of grades, densities and colours to suit. Plastazote foams are odourless, lightweight, buoyant, non-toxic and offer resistance to many oils, solvents, acids and alkalis.It’s closed cell surface does not allow the absorption of liquids and is easy to keep clean, as well as being weatherproof and UV stable, therefore suitable for the production of gasket or weatherstrips and sealing tapes.

    Plastazote foams are usually the preferred choice for the production of protective packaging as  it offers excellent recovery from repetitive impact, is highly energy absorbent, which also gives it good thermal insulation properties and will also offer some sound and vibration insulation properties.  Depending upon the size and quantity of plastazote foam strip required, ASG can offer a production method which is the most efficient and cost effective, whether its precut lengths or coils which can be cut down to length as when it is needed, allowing users to use the same product for more than one application.

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