Polypropylene Washers

Polypropylene Washers

Polypropylene Washers

Washers can be manufactured by ASG using virtually any of our materials including plastics.  Plastics make up just one group supplied and converted by Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd, available in a number of grades including our Polypropylene Washers.  

Polypropylene (PP) is one of the most co mmonly used thermoplastics in the world, with uses ranging from plastic packaging, plastic parts for machinery and equipment and it can even be woven into fibres and textiles.   Polypropylene sheet is available in two versatile grades, PPH (Homopolymer) and PPC (Copolymer), and depending on the grade available in a choice of colours including Natural, Black, White, Beige, and sheets sizes up to 4 metres x 2 metres in size and 200mm in thickness from which washers can be cut. 

All our washers are manufactured in-house using a combination of a skilled workforce and high-spec machinery, using either our CNC oscillating knife or one of our many presses (for very thin washers). Our range of machinery means we can manufacture Polypropylene Washers to match your specified dimensions in any quantity quickly and efficiently, supplied with a choice of self adhesives or foils, which in return passes on a quality product and a cost saving.

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    Characteristics of Polypropylene Plastic:

    • Colours: Transparent or opaque -  available in a choice of shades and colours
    • Texture: smooth, slippery
    • Thicknesses:  up to 200mm - Polypropylene Homopolymer (PPH) up to 20mm - Polypropylene Copolymer (PPC)
    • Temperature Range:  -20°C up to +80°C
    • Resistances: Good resistance to wear, impact, chemicals,high temperature
    • Flammability: highly flammable 


    What are Polypropylene Washers?

     A Polypropylene Washer’ is a flat ring of material which is placed between two surfaces or between joints in order to reduce friction and prevent unsteadiness, creating a level surface for nuts, bolts and other fixings to rest on, improving the fit for fixings and can be used as a water or air tight seal. 

    Polypropylene plastic washers are produced using either samples, drawings or dimensions provided by  customers, which would detail the Outer Diameter (OD), Internal Diameter (ID) and the Thickness, manufactured in a plain or self-adhesive finish.  Polypropylene plastic itself is a rigid, semi-crystalline thermoplastic meaning it can be melted and reformed repeatedly. 

    Polypropylene plastic washers are used in a range of domestic and industrial applications. This versatile thermoplastic and polymer is popular due to its highly flexible properties, lighter density and ability to withstand conversion using a range of fabrication techniques, its is also known as the ‘steel’ of the plastic industry, as it can be used and manipulated a number of ways, even as an alternative to some metal components.

    Why use Polypropylene Washers?

    Washers made using Polypropylene Plastics are tough, flexible and durable material offering excellent fatigue resistance and elasticity.  The material used has high insulation properties making the washers safe to use in electrical goods and as machinery parts.  

    Polypropylene plastic washers can also be found widely used  within the automotive and medical industries with the waterproof properties also making them effective for the marine sector.   Some of the other excellent characteristics of Polypropylene plastic washers include it’s chemical resistance, fatigue resistance and its transmissibility where the transfer of light or visibility are important.

      Polypropylene plastic washers are resilient to general wear and tear and ideal for applications where there is exposure to higher levels of physical stress.  They are also resilient against mildew, mould, rot and bacteria, usually FDA approved offering a working temperature range of  -20°C up to +80°C.

    Other types of Plastic Washers available

    Advanced Seals & Gaskets work with a multitude of material manufacturers and suppliers, giving our customers more choice of plastic sheeting - our most popular materials being:

    • PTFE
    • PVC
    • Nylon
    • Polycarbonate
    • HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene)
    • ABS
    • Polyester 
    • Acetal
    • Acrylic
    • Nylatron

    Benefits of using Polypropylene Washers

    Advantages of using Polypropylene Washers

    ashers are often a chosen material of the production of washers as the material Polypropylene offers a number of excellent properties and bring many advantages to using them.    Polypropylene Washers offer excellent fatigue resistance, elasticity, strength and durability making it perfect for use in a wide range of industries and applications.  

    Polypropylene Washers have high insulation properties making them safe to use within electrical connections and housings.  There material is  so strong, Polypropylene Washers can be twisted 360 degrees without snapping therefore perfect for use where there is a lot of movement and stretching.   

    Polypropylene Washers are waterproof and extremely resistant to moisture absorption, which is why it can often be found within marine and aquatic applications, they are highly resistant to chemical corrosion, making it a popular choice of washer for use in equipments and machiners used in the production of cleaning products, bleaches, first-aid products and medicines.

     Polypropylene can also be manufactured in a broad spectrum of colours in a transparent or opaque finish all of which can be converted into washers, its is a relatively cheap material to manufacture therefore great for the production of mass produced products or those which need regularly replacing. .

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