Polyester Foam Strip

Polyester Foam Strip

Polyester Foam Strip

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd can convert and supply many materials into strips, including various grades and densities of Polyester Polyurethane Foam.  Polyester Foam Strips are also referred to as Polyester Urethane Foam Strips, Ester Based Polyurethane Foam strips,  Esterfoam strips or even simply foam tapes.  Polyester PU foam materials  are flexible,  exhibit high tensile strength and chemical resistance, in comparison to Polyether foam, these strips of foam are generally more rigid, stronger, and supportive, with physical differences including a glittery sparkle in appearance and feel rougher and more dense to the touch.   Ester foam  strips are not only manufactured using a standard grade of material, but can also be manufactured to order in anti-static, conductive electrostatic dissipative (ESD) and Flame Retardant (FR).

Polyester Polyurethane foam is manufactured in very large master blocks or ‘buns’ usually ranging from around 2 to 2.5meters in length, , 1  to 2 metres in width and 175 to 1260 mm in thickness, which are held in stock from which we can convert into rolls and sheets at various thicknesses starting from as little as 1.5mm from which strips can be cut.  Our Polyester foam strips are all made to order, manufactured using state of the art machinery including band saws, strippers, log cutters and even presses depending upon the size and quantity required - for very small strips in high volume runs, a kiss-cut option may also be available for faster production and time efficiency for the end user.  In-house production allows us to closely oversee the whole production process to ensure that we consistently produce high quality, competitively priced strips  Our on-site laminating service enables us to supply Polyester PU Foam strips in a choice of finishes including plain or coated on one of both faces with a range of self-adhesives, foils or even laminated to other materials.

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    Characteristics of Polyester Polyurethane Foam

    • Polymer Type: Open cell polyester
    • Block Size:  (L) 2 to 2.5metres x (W) 1  to 2 metres x (T) 175 to 1260 mm
    • Colour: Anthracite/Charcoal grey
    • Density: 27-33 kg/m3
    • Temperature resistance :-30 to +110 ºC
    • Fire resistance:BS4735 self extinguishing FMVSS 302
    • Thermal conductivity: 0.037 W/m.k

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
    or downloaded from our online portal.

    What are Polyester Polyurethane Foam Strips?

    Polyester PU foam strips are pieces of material cut to a specific width and length as requested by our customers, in some cases available as continuous rolls or coils to be cut down to the required length by the end user as when needed by the end user, often used in a similar way to a gasket placed between two surfaces to create a seal, provide cushioning or insulation.  Strips of Polyester PU foam are made by running the block of material through a splitter where it is skived or ‘peeled’ off into sheets at the  desired thickness, and then cut into strips either using a press, bandsaw or log-cutter, the process used will depend on the length, strips thickness and quantity of strips needed.   Like Polyether, Polyester Polyurethane Foam is another member of the polymer family, also known as Polyester Foam or Ester Foam, a flexible material which has a high tensile strength and chemical resistance offering a greater strength and rigidity in comparison to Polyether.  Polyester Polyurethane is manufactured in a charcoal colour as standard, formulated and manufactured using a combination of polyester polyols, catalysts and blowing agents which create the foam open cell texture.  During the manufacturing process,  additives can be introduced which will enable the Polyester Foam strips to be able to meet various fire code standards, as well as anti-microbial, anti-static, conductive and/or electrostatic dissipative (ESD).

    Why Use Polyester PU Foam Strips?

    Polyester Polyurethane strips look very similar to those made using Polyether foams, but are usually selected for applications which require a higher level of chemical resistance.  Polyester Foam strips are more resistant to hydrocarbons, alcohols, stretching and tearing, they have a fine open cell structure which is uniform in appearance,  is permeable to air and water, the   thickness of the foam used will impact the efficiency of the strip filtration capacity as the thicker the foam, the less air or fluid that is allowed to flow through the foam - even more so when the strips of material are under compression as the pores will decrease in size therefore reducing the amount of air and liquid passing through the product and also increasing the amount of dust and debris it catches.

      Unlike many other strips which are used to seal against moisture ingress, Polyester foam strips and tapes are used more for dust filtration or anti vibration applications.  Polyester PU foams have a fairly high tensile strength, but not as high as standard polyethylene foams, a higher viscosity rate, abrasion resistance and have a temperature resistance of -30 to +110 ºC.  Components such as strips can be used in applications to fill gaps and irregularities between uneven surfaces, provide a solution to unwanted rattles, noise, vibrations, to seal against dust and can also be used to cushion between moving parts to reduce friction and damage to components and equipment, filtration, protective packaging and medical equipment.

    Available grades of Polyurethane

    Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd work with a number of material manufacturers, giving our customers more choice when looking for polyurethane foams , our most popular grades being:

    • Acoustic
    • Egg box
    • Pick & Pluck
    • HLB
    • Basotech
    • Polyether
    • Recon
    • Retic

    Benefits of using Polyester Polyurethane Foam Strips

    • Compressibility
    • Cushioning & Insulation
    • Light-weight
    • Low thermal conductivity
    • Low water vapor transmission
    • Mildew-resistance
    • Sound absorption/Vibration dampening

    Advantages of using Polyester Polyurethane Foam Strips

    Polyester foam strips are highly durable and offer a range of attractive properties for use in many applications.  Being an open cell foam, these Polyester strips  are breathable, meaning they allow air to circulate throughout its structure.

    Polyester strips offer excellent compressibility,  which enables them to bounce back and recover quickly from repeated loading, this makes it a great choice of materials for cushioning and gap filling applications.  Polyester foam is flexible with a high tensile properties and tear resistance, resistance to mould, mildew and fungus growth as well as grease oil water and can be used within  a working temperature range of around -30°C to +110°C.

    Polyester PU foam strips  can be used in applications where there is contact or exposure to gases including oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide, its fine cell structure gives the material less flex resulting in a better shock absorbing material.   Polyester Foams can be treated with agents which produce a pink coloured polyester, known as Pink Anti-static foam, strips made using this pink foam dissipates electro-static charges in sensitive electronic equipment or instruments often used to safely transport sensitive devices.  Because of Polyester PU foams greater rigidity, these strips of material can be used in the production of cleaning products, acoustics and soundproofing, vibration absorption, protective packaging and as water or air filters.

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