Pink Anti-Static Polyurethane Foam Rolls

Many Polyurethane foams are manufactured in blocks form and can therefore be used to produce continuous rolls of material, such as Pink Anti-static polyurethane foam rolls, and are available in a number of grades and colours, each suited for use in different applications and environments.

One popular type is Pink Antistatic Polyurethane foam, sometimes called Pink PU foam, anti-static PU or pink anti-static packaging foam, recognisable by its bright colour and used to protect static sensitive devices. Pink Anti Static Polyurethane foam is manufactured in jumbo blocks which can be split down and joined into rolls of virtually any thickness and in lengths of 10 meters as standard, but shorter or longer ones may also be available depending on the thickness required.

Pink Antistatic polyurethane foam rolls are usually used to cut into case inserts and packaging within boxes, but our in-house conversion facilities which include one of our many presses, bandsaws, log-cutters and oscillating knife can use these rolls to further convert and manufacture a range of bespoke washers, gaskets and strips, supplied plain or with a choice of self-adhesive tapes or foils.

Pink Anti-Static Polyurethane Foam Rolls

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    Key Characteristics of Pink Anti-Static Polyurethane Foam

    • Colour: Pink
    • Material: Polyurethane
    • Availability: standard sheet, convoluted or pick & pluck
    • Density: 20kg/m3
    • Specification: ESD properties for electronics packaging

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    What Are Pink Anti-Static Polyurethane Foam Rolls

    Polyurethane foam material can be made with a number of additives one of which includes anti-static agents, which produces a material specially designed for packaging and transporting circuit boards, hard drives and other sensitive electronic equipment. Pink Anti-static polyurethane foam is one such material, which is an open cell foam manufactured in master blocks form which can be split down and joined to manufacture rolls of material.

    Pink Anti-static foam is perfect for packing ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive components where it serves as protection from physical damage caused by impact or abrasion, but also providing a proactive shield against static discharge. Pink Anti-static PU is dyed pink during the manufacturing process, which enables it to be easily identified, ensuring the incorrect material is not used for packaging sensitive products.

    Why Use Pink Anti-Static Polyurethane Foam Rolls?

    Rolls of Pink Anti-static polyurethane foam can be used to protect items during handling and transportation, where static charges build up caused by friction, human handling or other items in the box.

    Pink Anti-static polyurethane foam rolls can be used for packaging and transporting not only fragile or delicate goods, but also items which are electrical and static sensitive which could become unusable if shipped using inadequate packaging. Customers choose Pink Anti-static foam for a number of reasons, mainly it’s static-dissipative properties, but also because of the materials excellent ability to provide cushioning and shock or vibration absorption.

    Pink Anti-static polyurethane foam rolls cut down from master blocks or buns, and therefore - as with Polyether polyurethane foams, it can be supplied as a standard sheet or slab, scored to offer a ‘pink & pluck’ grade and even made into convoluted ‘eggbox’ foam.

    Advantages Of Using Pink Anti Static Polyurethane Foam Rolls

    Rolls of Pink Anti Static Polyurethane foam material can offer many advantages to customers and end users, offering a number of desirable properties including softness, excellent strength, shock absorbency and flexibility.

    Pink Anti-static polyurethane foam is manufactured in master blocks, which can be split down and joined into rolls and supplied in many thicknesses and also as pick & pluck or convoluted variants, which can be further cut down into perfectly fitting profiles and case inserts in order to fully secure and protect the products from movement, impact and most importantly damage from static charge, which in return saves customers and end-users money on having to replace damaged products.

    Applications in which anti static polyurethane foam rolls and components cut from them can be found used include packaging electrical and surgical equipment, cameras, circuit boards, HVAC and automotive insulation, etc.

    Benefits Of Using Pink Anti-Static Foam

    • Lightweight
    • Soft material offers cushion and protection of abrasion and impact
    • Available in different forms to perfectly fit around awkward shaped objects
    • Saves money - as protects goods from physical and static damage
    • Pink in colour so easily recognisable
    • Can be cut down to size to provide the perfectly fitting case insert

    Different Types of Packaging Foam Available

    Most foams can be used for packaging as they will absorb impact, however certain foams are produced with unique features for transporting or storing items safely. Some of the other more popular packaging foams include:

    Polyurethane (PU) slabs - A soft protective open-cell foam used to absorb shock, which will quickly recover following any impact or compression. This type of packaging foam is the same material as the convoluted type, still offering protection from scuffs and dents - but without the peaks.

    Polyethylene (PE) - A closed cell foam which is more rigid and higher in density making it great for protecting against vibration and shock, being closed cell its ideal for packing items which need to be protected from moisture.

    Pick & Pluck - Polyurethane and Polyethylene foams are available in standard, anti-static or static dissipative grades, which are used for transporting electronic products. These foams not only protect items from physical damage, but also from damage which could be caused by static charge.

    Convoluted ‘Eggbox’ packaging Polyurethane - this foam is the same material as the PU slabs and the pick & pluck packaging foams, recognised by its convoluted surface consisting of peaks and troughs and if often supplied in pairs to offer support and cushioning on the top and bottom of the package. Convoluted Packaging PU foam is also available in a Pink Antistatic grade.

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