Pink Anti-Static Polyurethane Foam Rolls

Pink Anti-Static Polyurethane Foam Rolls

Pink Anti-Static Polyurethane Foam Rolls

Numerous Polyurethane foams are block-manufactured, enabling the production of continuous rolls, like the Pink Anti-static polyurethane foam rolls. These rolls come in various grades and colors, each tailored for specific applications and settings.

A renowned variant, Pink Antistatic Polyurethane foam, often called Pink PU foam, anti-static PU, or pink anti-static packaging foam, is unmistakable due to its vivid hue. Its primary role is safeguarding static-sensitive devices. Pink Anti Static Polyurethane foam is generated from colossal blocks, which can be segmented and combined into rolls of virtually any thickness, with a standard length of 10 meters, although customization for shorter or longer rolls is available depending on the required thickness.

Pink Antistatic polyurethane foam rolls are typically employed for crafting case inserts and packaging inside containers. Our in-house conversion facilities, equipped with numerous tools including presses, bandsaws, log-cutters, and oscillating knives, empower us to transform these rolls into a spectrum of tailor-made washers, gaskets, and strips. These products can be delivered either plain or enhanced with a choice of self-adhesive tapes or foils.

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    Key Characteristics of Pink Anti-Static Polyurethane Foam

    • Colour: Pink
    • Material: Polyurethane
    • Availability: standard sheet, convoluted or pick & pluck
    • Density: 20kg/m3
    • Specification: ESD properties for electronics packaging

    What Are Pink Anti-Static Polyurethane Foam Rolls

    Polyurethane foam material can be made with a number of additives one of which includes anti-static agents, which produces a material specially designed for packaging and transporting circuit boards, hard drives and other sensitive electronic equipment. Pink Anti-static polyurethane foam is one such material, which is an open cell foam manufactured in master blocks form which can be split down and joined to manufacture rolls of material.

    Pink Anti-static foam is perfect for packing ESD (electrostatic discharge) sensitive components where it serves as protection from physical damage caused by impact or abrasion, but also providing a proactive shield against static discharge. Pink Anti-static PU is dyed pink during the manufacturing process, which enables it to be easily identified, ensuring the incorrect material is not used for packaging sensitive products.

    Why Use Pink Anti-Static Polyurethane Foam Rolls?

    Pink Anti-static polyurethane foam rolls play a pivotal role in safeguarding items during handling and transportation, effectively neutralizing static charges that accumulate due to friction, human contact, or other objects within the container.

    rolls extend their protective embrace not only to fragile items but also to products that are electrical and static-sensitive. Inadequate packaging could render these sensitive goods unusable during transit. Customers opt for Pink Anti-static foam primarily for its static-dissipative properties, but they also value its remarkable cushioning capabilities, adept at absorbing shocks and vibrations.

    These versatile foam rolls originate from master blocks or buns and are comparable to Polyether polyurethane foams. They come in standard sheet or slab form, complete with scoring that creates a 'pink & pluck' grade. Moreover, they can be molded into a convoluted 'eggbox' foam configuration. This adaptability ensures that Pink Anti-static polyurethane foam suits a wide array of packaging needs.

    Advantages Of Using Pink Anti Static Polyurethane Foam Rolls

    Rolls of Pink Anti-Static Polyurethane foam material offer numerous advantages, boasting softness, excellent strength, shock absorbency, and flexibility. This foam is initially manufactured in master blocks, which are later split and joined into rolls. These rolls come in various thicknesses, including pick & pluck and convoluted variants. The foam can be tailored to fit specific profiles and case inserts, ensuring the utmost protection from movement, impact, and, most crucially, damage caused by static charge. By preventing damage, these foam materials ultimately save customers and end-users money, as they won't need to replace damaged products.

    Anti-static polyurethane foam finds applications in various industries, such as packaging for electrical and surgical equipment, cameras, circuit boards, HVAC, and automotive insulation. Its exceptional properties make it a versatile choice for safeguarding a wide range of delicate and sensitive products.

    Benefits Of Using Pink Anti-Static Foam

    • Lightweight
    • Soft material offers cushion and protection of abrasion and impact
    • Available in different forms to perfectly fit around awkward shaped objects
    • Saves money - as protects goods from physical and static damage
    • Pink in colour so easily recognisable
    • Can be cut down to size to provide the perfectly fitting case insert

    Different Types of Packaging Foam Available

    Various foams are suitable for packaging, with unique features catering to safe item transportation and storage. Notable packaging foams include:

    The polyurethane (PU) slabs - A soft open-cell foam for shock absorption, ensuring rapid recovery post-impact or compression. It's similar to convoluted foam but lacks the peak design, offering protection against scuffs and dents.

    Polyethylene (PE) - A closed-cell foam, rigid and high in density, perfect for shielding against vibration and shock. Its closed-cell structure makes it ideal for safeguarding moisture-sensitive items.

    Pick & Pluck - Available in standard, anti-static, or static-dissipative grades, these Polyurethane and Polyethylene foams are designed for transporting electronics. They prevent both physical damage and damage from static charge.

    Convoluted ‘Eggbox’ Packaging Polyurethane - Comprising the same material as PU slabs and pick & pluck foams, this foam features a distinctive convoluted surface with peaks and troughs. Often supplied in pairs, it provides top and bottom cushioning and support. Pink Antistatic grade is also available.

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