PVC Foam Roll

PVC Foam is just one of many materials stocked and supplied in roll form by Advanced Seals & Gaskets, who are market leaders in supplying high quality non-metallic rolls of material, including various grades of PVC foam. PVC foams are usually manufactured in continuous rolls which can later be split down using our state of the art splitting machines.

As we offer a range of on-site conversion services, we are able to split down PVC foam rolls to thicknesses starting at just 1.5mm, as well as being able to cut the rolls down to bespoke lengths, or even use one of our many presses, bandsaws and log cutters to produce a whole range of finished parts such as gaskets, washers, strips, and pads, all of which can be supplied plain or coated with a one of many foils or self adhesives, and even laminated to other materials to produce composite materials.

Pvc Foam Roll

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    Key Characteristics of Fast Recovery PVC Foam:

    The general characteristics of PVC foams are listed below - however these are based on all grades and densities and will differ for each one.

    • Colour: black or white
    • Density: 90 - 200 Kg/m3
    • Temperature Range: -30°C to + 80°C
    • Flammability: FMVSS302
    • Availability: 1000mm to 1400mm widths
      1 meter to 130 meter lengths (depending on thickness)
      2mm to 20mm thicknesses as standard (dependon grade)

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    Samples - Technical PVC Foam Roll

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    What Are PVC Foam Rolls?

    PVC Foam (Polyvinyl Chloride) rolls are a lightweight material, available in a range of grades and colours - details of which are listed below, each with its own set of unique properties. PVC Foams are made up of PVC and Polyurea compounds, which are mixed and heated to the point of expansion and then cured to produce a foam material. The density of the material is determined by the timings of the expansion and curing processes. This manufacturing process creates continuous lengths or rolls of a closed cell, low density foam, perfect for sealing against air, dust and liquids.

    PVC foam rolls are continuous lengths of material, which are popular as they give the customer and end user the flexibility to be able to cut their own strips, pads, gaskets or washers to order, rolls are sometimes preferred by customers as they have the freedom to cut their own sheets in various sizes as and when larger surface areas need to be covered.

    Why Use PVC Foam Rolls?

    There are many ways by which PVC foam rolls can be utilized, as the material holds various desirable properties such as the ability to create a tight seal against dust, air, water, chemicals and outdoor elements such as wind, rain and sunlight, along with thermal insulation and vibration and sound absorption.

    We have many customers that require PVC foam products industries such as automotive, construction, HVAC, heating, marine and electronics. These industries use PVC foam for boating seals, window installations, protection, door seals, dust and light seals. PVC Foam rolls are manufactured in a variety of densities and colours, each suited to different levels of compression for use as seals in many applications and environments.

    Benefits Of PVC Foam Rolls

    • Flammability tested to FMVSS302
    • Vibration and Sound Absorbent
    • Chemical, UV and Ozone Resistant
    • Effective Sealant against air, dust and water)
    • Lightweight and Durable
    • Good thermal insulation

    Different Grades

    As ASG have a network of high quality material manufacturers and suppliers, we are able to offer PVC foam rolls in a range of grades, each with own set of unique properties and characteristics, these include:

    Soft PVC Foam - is a low density material, low density, closed cell foam with a density of around 90-100Kg/m3, which offers a working temperature range of -30ºC / + 70ºC, excellent UV resistance and sealing properties against air, dust and liquids - available in thicknesses of 2mm to 20mm as standard.

    Medium PVC Foam - is a mid density foam with a density of around 140-170 Kg/m3, offering excellent UV resistance and sealing properties against air, dust and liquids, low level water absorption, dimensional stability, a working temperature range of -30ºC / + 60ºC - available in thicknesses of 2mm to 20mm.

    Firm PVC Foam - is a higher density foam of around 200-220Kg/m3. This grade also offers UV resistance, sealing properties against air, dust and liquids, low levels of water absorption and a temperature range of -30/+80°C - available in thicknesses of between 2 and 8mm.

    Fast Recovery - this low density, closed cell foam has an average density of 100-120 Kg/m3 and as the name suggests - recovers quickly (returns to it original size and shape) following compression. Fast Recovery foam offers excellent sealing properties against air, dust and liquids, UV resistance a temperature range of -30ºC / + 60ºC - available in thicknesses of 2mm to 20mm.

    Slow Recovery - also a closed cell, low density foam, with an average density of 100-125 Kg/m3 and as offers a slower recovery following compression in compassion to other PVC foams. As with all PVC foams, this one also offers UV resistance, excellent sealing capabilities against liquids, dust and air, has a temperature range of -30ºC / + 60ºC - available in thicknesses fromm 2mm to 20mm as standard.

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    Advantages Of Using PVC Foam Rolls

    Using rolls of PVC Foam offers countless advantages over other foams including good acoustic and flammability properties, as well as resistance to ozone, UV, rot and mould growth and solvents making them popular for use in the production of components for sealing, insulation, cushioning and filtration applications such as rooflight seals, glazing pads and refrigeration seals.

    The different grades available offer features such as varying levels of recovery, working temperature ranges and densities, ensuring the perfect, reliable seal is formed for different environments.

    PVC foam rolls are available in a range of pre-manufactured thicknesses, ready to be shipped or cut down into sheets and usable finished products such as gaskets, washers, strips or pads where they are utilised in the automotive, construction, electronics, HVAC and stationery industries. Using PVC foam rolls allows for longer strips or larger gaskets to be products, and also result in a better yield of cut parts.

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