Plastic Seals

Plastic Seals

Plastic Seals

Plastic Seals – the ultimate solution for securing, identifying, and tracking a wide range of items across various industries. Crafted with precision and designed for reliability, our Plastic Seals provide an essential layer of security and accountability, ensuring that your valuable assets remain protected and traceable.

Our Plastic Seals are engineered to excel in applications where tamper-evident features are crucial. Whether securing shipping containers, transportation vehicles, or equipment, these seals provide a visual indication of any unauthorized access, deterring tampering and providing peace of mind throughout the supply chain.

Designed for easy application and removal, our Plastic Seals offer convenience without compromising on security. Their durable construction and resistance to environmental factors make them suitable for use in challenging conditions, from extreme temperatures to exposure to moisture and chemicals.

Available in a range of colors and designs, our Plastic Seals can be customized to match your specific needs. Add your company logo, barcode, or unique identifier to enhance traceability and streamline inventory management processes.

Our Plastic Seals are rigorously tested to meet industry standards, ensuring their reliability and effectiveness. With a commitment to quality and performance, we provide solutions that you can trust.

Incorporate our Plastic Seals into your operations to safeguard your assets, deter unauthorized access, and streamline your tracking and inventory management processes. Choose reliability, security, and traceability – choose Plastic Seals for a future where your assets remain protected and accounted for.

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    Characteristics of PVC Plastic:

    Colours: black/white/transparent as standard -  but others can be made to order

    Finish: opaque, transparent

    Thicknesses: 1mm - 20mm

    Sheet Size: 2m x 1m (standard - can be cut down or produced as moulded profiles)

    Heat Resistance: up to 70° C

    Resistances: Excellent chemical resistance, corrosion, weather resistance, electrically insulating

    Flammability: self-extinguishing (when removed from the source)

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
    or downloaded from our online portal.

    What are PVC Plastic Seals?

    Polyvinyl chloride or PVC plastic seals are a device or substrate that are used to join surfaces together, acting as a separator or a barrier to prevent liquids, particles or gases escaping or penetrating the application. ‘Seal’ is a generic term for products often taking the form of cut gaskets, strips, washers, extruded or moulded profiles and edge trims. Plastics are often used to manufacture seals as they’re lightweight and one of the preferred alternatives to metal due to their durability and resistance to corrosion and chemical resistance. PVC Plastic seals are highly durable and as the material is a thermoplastic, they can be melted over and over again, and when cooled down back to a solid state in it’s new shape or form.

    Why use PVC Plastic Seals?

    Plastic materials are all manufactured using different compounds in order to produce a product with specific properties. PVC Plastics are extremely strong and workable, holding its shape even during vigorous milling and sawing processes. It is highly chemically stable and offers excellent compressive strength and electrical insulation properties, available in a range of colours which can be very transparent or opaque which can be used as a solution in a number of applications including sealing against fuel, oil and water, in machinery where exposed to water and where there is exposure to corrosive fluids. Industries which utilize plastics seals are packaging, petrochemical, oil & gas and petrochemical processing.

    Other Types of Plastic Available

    Advanced Seals & Gaskets work with a multitude of material manufacturers and suppliers, giving our customers more choice of plastic sheeting - our most popular materials being:

    • PTFE
    • Polycarbonate
    • Polypropylene
    • HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene)
    • ABS
    • Polyester
    • Acetal
    • Acrylic
    • Nylatron

    Benefits of Using PVC Plastic

    • Cost-effective
    • Impact, corrosion, abrasion and weather resistant
    • High chemical resistance
    • Strong and rigid
    • Can be easily machined, heated and bent, glued and moulded
    • low heat and electricity conductivity for use with electrical insulation

    Advantages of Using PVC Plastic Seals

    PVC plastic components are some of the world's most commonly used products, this is due to the vast range of advantages and desirable properties the material offers.The material itself is strong, rigid and lightweight. PVC plastic sheets offer excellent durability and longevity in comparison to metal alternatives as PVC plastic is resistant to chemical and weather corrosion, shock and abrasion which means it can be utilised for many indoor and outdoor applications.

    PVC plastic seals can be cut using flat sheets into flat seals such as strips, washers or gaskets in a range of standard sizes thicknesses, however more bespoke profiles can be mounded to produce a perfect fit, ensuring the seal doesn’t fail. PVC plastic seals are non-toxic, do not conduct electricity so can be used for electrical applications and although PVC plastic will burn, it is self-extinguishing  due to having a high chlorine content.  

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