PVC Plastic Pads

PVC Plastic Pads

Introducing our high-quality PVC Plastic Pads, the perfect solution for your cushioning and padding needs. Crafted with precision and designed for durability, these pads are a versatile addition to your toolkit, providing excellent support and protection in various applications.

Superior PVC Material: Our PVC Plastic Pads are made from top-grade PVC material, known for its outstanding resilience and impact resistance. The durable construction ensures these pads can withstand wear and tear, offering long-lasting performance.

Versatility and Functionality: Whether you need cushioning for furniture, protection for delicate surfaces, or support for heavy objects, our PVC Plastic Pads have you covered. These pads serve as an ideal solution for a wide range of applications, ensuring your valuables and surfaces stay in pristine condition.

Customizable Options: We understand that every project is unique, which is why we offer custom PVC Plastic Pads tailored to your specific requirements. Choose from various sizes, shapes, and thicknesses to ensure the perfect fit for your needs.

Easy to Use: Installing our PVC Plastic Pads is a breeze. Their user-friendly design allows for quick and hassle-free application, saving you time and effort.

Quality Assurance: We take pride in the superior quality of our products. Each PVC Plastic Pad undergoes rigorous testing to meet industry standards, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.

Multiple Applications: From home and office furniture to industrial machinery and equipment, our PVC Plastic Pads deliver reliable protection and support across a wide spectrum of applications.

Unmatched Performance: Count on our PVC Plastic Pads to provide exceptional performance, preventing scratches, scuffs, and damage while offering excellent load-bearing capabilities.

Affordable Solution: Our PVC Plastic Pads offer an affordable and cost-effective solution to protect your valuable assets. With their long lifespan and superior performance, you get the best value for your investment.

Upgrade your cushioning and padding game with our top-quality PVC Plastic Pads. Experience the difference of using a product that stands the test of time and delivers consistent performance.

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    Characteristics of PVC Plastic:

    • Colours: black/white/transparent as standard -  but others can be made to order
    • Finish: opaque, transparent
    • Thicknesses: 1mm - 20mm
    • Sheet Size: 2m x 1m (standard - can be cut down or produced as moulded profiles)
    • Heat Resistance: up to 70° C
    • Resistances: Excellent chemical resistance, corrosion, weather resistance, electrically insulating
    • Flammability: self extinguishing (when removed from the source

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
    or downloaded from our online portal.

    What are PVC Plastic Pads?

    When choosing pads, our customers have the option of taking PVC plastic pads produced as squares or rectangles with the option of radius corners, and also as circular or oval shaped pads or ‘discs’,  in a range of thicknesses.  Manufacturing pads in-house even means we can supply them in a plain or self adhesive backed finish and even laminate multiple types of material together to create bespoke and unique variations. Polyvinyl chloride or PVC plastic can be produced in a range of formats including soft foams, rigid sheets and very thin flexible films making it one of the world's most popular synthetic plastics polymers.  PVC Plastic pads are highly durable and as the material is a thermoplastic, they can be melted over and over again,  and when cooled down back to a solid state in it’s new shape or form.

    Why use PVC Plastic Pads?

    Plastic materials are available in a range of material types, all manufactured using different compounds in order to produce a product with specific properties.  Pads manufactured using PVC Plastic are extremely strong and workable, holding their shape even during vigorous milling and sawing processes used to produce them.

    PVC plastic is highly chemically stable and offers excellent compressive strength and electrical insulation properties, available in a range of colours which can be very transparent or opaque.  A few of the applications in which PVC plastic pads and other  PVC plastic components can be found used include, chemical or acid tanks, cladding, electrical cases and as cut or fabricated parts used within machinery and equipment.

    Other Types of Plastic Available

    Advanced Seals & Gaskets work with a multitude of material manufacturers and suppliers, giving our customers more choice of plastic sheeting - our most popular materials being:

    • PTFE
    • Polycarbonate
    • Polypropylene
    • HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene)
    • ABS
    • Polyester
    • Acetal
    • Acrylic
    • Nylatron

    Benefits of Using PVC Plastic

    • Cost effective
    • Impact, corrosion, abrasion and weather resistant
    • High chemical resistance
    • Strong and rigid
    • Can be easily machined, heated and bent, glued and moulded
    • low heat and electricity conductivity for use with electrical insulation 

    Advantages of Using PVC Plastic Pads

    PVC plastic pads are produced using some of the world's most commonly used products, this is due to the vast range of advantages and desirable properties the material offers.  The material itself is strong, rigid and lightweight giving PVC plastic pads durability and longevity as PVC plastic is resistant to chemical and weather corrosion, shock and abrasion which means it can be utilised for many indoor and outdoor applications.

    PVC plastic pads can be made produced in range of standard sizes or moulded into bespoke sizes with textured finishes or bevelled edges etc,   both of which can be further converted by way of sawing, milling, drilling, gluing or bending (heated and manipulated) to produce finish components such as washers, strips, gaskets, tubes, pipes, etc.  PVC plastic pads are non-toxic, do not conduct electricity so can be used for electrical applications and although PVC plastic will burn, it is self-extinguishing  due to having a high chlorine content.


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