Bake and Peel Strip

Bake and Peel Strip

Bake and Peel Strip

Bake and Peel Strip – an innovative and versatile material designed to excel in a wide range of industrial applications. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that our Bake and Peel Strips offer unmatched sealing effectiveness, ease of use, and durability across diverse industries.

Key Features:

  1. Premium Bake and Peel Material: Our Bake and Peel Strips are meticulously crafted using high-quality bake and peel material, chosen for its exceptional sealing properties, heat resistance, and user-friendly features. This material forms the foundation for strips that perform consistently under various conditions.
  2. Versatile Sealing Performance: Engineered for versatility, our Bake and Peel Strips excel in applications where protection against heat, moisture, dust, and environmental elements is crucial. Their adaptability ensures reliable performance across diverse operating environments.
  3. Bake and Peel Technology: The unique feature of our strips is the bake and peel technology, which allows for easy installation and removal after a specific baking process. This feature simplifies maintenance, replacement, and resealing procedures.
  4. Excellent Heat Resistance: Bake and Peel Strips are designed to withstand high temperatures, making them ideal for applications requiring protection against heat and thermal stress.
  5. Chemical Resistance: Our Bake and Peel Strips exhibit resistance to a range of chemicals, enhancing their suitability for applications involving aggressive fluids and environments.
  6. Easy Application and Removal: The bake and peel technology ensures straightforward application and removal, reducing downtime and labor costs.
  7. Customization: At Advanced Seals and Gaskets, we understand that industries have unique needs. Our Bake and Peel Strips can be customized in terms of size, dimensions, and specifications to meet the specific requirements of your applications.


  • Industrial Equipment: Bake and Peel Strips are essential for machinery and equipment that require dependable sealing against heat, moisture, dust, and contaminants. The bake and peel feature simplifies maintenance and replacement.
  • Manufacturing Processes: These strips find application in various manufacturing processes where high-temperature sealing and ease of replacement are necessary.
  • Automotive Manufacturing: Bake and Peel Strips play a role in the automotive industry, providing sealing for components exposed to high temperatures and requiring periodic maintenance.
  • Food Processing: These strips can be used in food processing equipment, where high-temperature sealing is required, and easy removal for cleaning or maintenance is essential.
  • Industrial Ovens and Furnaces: Bake and Peel Strips are valuable in industrial ovens and furnaces, providing effective sealing and simplifying maintenance procedures.

At Advanced Seals and Gaskets, we prioritize innovation and performance in our Bake and Peel Strips. Their bake and peel technology, heat resistance, and sealing effectiveness make them invaluable in industries where easy installation, maintenance, and reliable sealing are essential. Choose Advanced Seals and Gaskets' Bake and Peel Strips to elevate your industrial processes with top-tier sealing and maintenance solutions that offer exceptional durability and reliability.


Product Specification

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What are Bake and Peel Tapes?

Bake and Peel tape, a specialized variant of protection film tape, has gained prominence for its unique properties that cater to specific applications, particularly in industries where precision and cleanliness are paramount. In this article, we delve into what bake and peel tape is, the rationale behind its usage, the benefits it provides, and the distinct advantages that make it an invaluable tool for surface protection.

Understanding Bake and Peel Tape

Bake and Peel tape is a type of protection film tape designed to be applied to surfaces prior to processes involving high temperatures, such as powder coating or baking. What sets it apart is its ability to withstand elevated temperatures and then be easily peeled off after the baking or curing process. This ensures that the protected surface remains unblemished, free from residue or damage caused by the high-temperature application.

Why Use Bake and Peel Tape?

High-Temperature Resistance: The primary purpose of bake and peel tape is to shield surfaces during high-temperature processes, allowing them to withstand the heat without compromising the quality of the protected material.

Clean and Residue-Free Removal: Bake and peel tape can be effortlessly peeled off after exposure to high temperatures, leaving behind a clean surface without adhesive residue. This is essential in applications where the appearance and cleanliness of the material are critical.

Efficient Surface Protection: The tape ensures efficient and reliable protection during processes like powder coating or baking, preventing damage and preserving the integrity of the underlying material.

Versatility: Bake and peel tape is versatile, suitable for use on various surfaces, including metal, plastic, glass, and painted surfaces. Its adaptability makes it a valuable asset in different industries.

Cost-Effective: By preventing damage during high-temperature processes, bake and peel tape proves to be a cost-effective solution, reducing the need for rework or the replacement of damaged materials.

Benefits of Bake and Peel Tape

Heat Resistance
Bake and peel tape demonstrates high-temperature resistance, effectively protecting surfaces during processes like powder coating or baking.

Clean Removal
The tape allows for clean and residue-free removal after exposure to high temperatures, ensuring that the protected surface remains pristine.

Reliable Protection
Bake and peel tape provides reliable protection, preventing damage to surfaces and maintaining the quality of the material throughout the high-temperature application.

Its versatility makes bake and peel tape suitable for a variety of surfaces and applications, enhancing its usability in different industries.

Cost Efficiency
By minimizing the risk of damage during high-temperature processes, bake and peel tape contributes to cost efficiency by reducing the need for rework or material replacement.

Advantages of Using Bake and Peel Tape

Precision in High-Temperature Applications
Bake and peel tape ensures precision and cleanliness in processes involving high temperatures, allowing for meticulous results without compromising the quality of the protected material.

Minimizes Cleanup Efforts
The clean and residue-free removal of bake and peel tape minimizes cleanup efforts after high-temperature processes, streamlining workflows and reducing labor requirements.

Protects Against Damage
The primary advantage lies in its ability to effectively protect surfaces against damage caused by heat, ensuring that materials remain intact and unblemished.

Enhances Surface Quality
By preventing damage and maintaining a clean surface, bake and peel tape contributes to enhancing the overall quality and appearance of the protected material.

The efficient application and removal process of bake and peel tape contribute to time efficiency in industries where speed and precision are crucial.

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