Foil Tape Pads

Foil Tape Pads

Introducing Foil Tape Pads: Your Solution for Reliable and Versatile Bonding

Discover the ultimate solution for secure bonding and versatile applications with Foil Tape Pads. These innovative adhesive pads redefine convenience and reliability, offering a wide range of uses across industries. Whether you're looking to streamline your projects, enhance efficiency, or ensure durable connections, Foil Tape Pads have got you covered.

Key Features:

  1. Industrial-Grade Adhesion: Foil Tape Pads are engineered with industrial-strength adhesive that forms a strong and lasting bond. From metal to plastic, paper to fabric, these pads ensure your materials stay securely connected, withstanding various stress factors.
  2. Versatility at its Best: Designed to adapt to diverse needs, Foil Tape Pads offer versatility like no other. From insulation to sealing, crafting to repairs, their multi-purpose design makes them an essential tool for DIY enthusiasts, professionals, and creatives alike.
  3. Effortless Application: Applying Foil Tape Pads is a breeze. The easy peel-and-stick design simplifies the bonding process, saving you time and effort while delivering consistent results.
  4. Temperature and Weather Resistance: Whatever the environment, Foil Tape Pads rise to the occasion. Their resilience against temperature fluctuations, moisture, and UV exposure ensures that your connections remain intact, even in challenging conditions.
  5. Clean and Neat Aesthetics: The sleek aluminum foil finish of the pads not only provides effective bonding but also adds a touch of professionalism to your projects. The clean and neat aesthetics elevate the visual appeal of your work.
  6. Customizable Sizes: Foil Tape Pads come in a range of customizable sizes, allowing you to tailor them to your specific project requirements. This flexibility ensures that you have the right tool for the job, no matter the scale.
  7. Eco-Friendly Solution: At the intersection of innovation and sustainability, Foil Tape Pads are designed with environmentally friendly materials. Choosing them not only benefits your projects but also aligns with eco-conscious practices.
  8. Reliable Performance: With Foil Tape Pads, you're investing in reliability. Their proven track record and performance-driven design make them an asset in various industries, from construction to crafts, packaging to automotive.

Foil Tape Pads offer more than just adhesive bonding – they offer solutions. Elevate your projects with secure connections that stand the test of time. From practical applications to creative pursuits, Foil Tape Pads empower you to achieve your goals with confidence. Experience the difference of reliable adhesion and explore the versatility that Foil Tape Pads bring to your world.

Experience the Power of Foil Tape Pads: Unveiling Unmatched Adhesive Performance

Discover a remarkable adhesive solution with Foil Tape Pads, engineered to redefine your bonding experience. These pads combine cutting-edge technology and thoughtful design to deliver a versatile and reliable adhesive solution that meets the demands of various applications.

Industrial-Grade Bonding: Engineered with industrial-strength adhesive, Foil Tape Pads provide a secure and lasting bond on a multitude of surfaces. From metal to plastic, and everything in between, these pads ensure your materials stay connected with unwavering strength.

Unparalleled Versatility: From insulation projects to sealing tasks, crafting endeavors to repairs, Foil Tape Pads prove to be an essential tool across industries. Their multi-purpose design adapts seamlessly to diverse needs, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

Effortless Application: Embrace simplicity with the easy peel-and-stick design of Foil Tape Pads. Say goodbye to complex bonding processes – these pads make it quick and straightforward to achieve consistent and reliable results.

Weather the Elements: No matter the environment, Foil Tape Pads stand strong. Resistant to temperature fluctuations, moisture, and UV exposure, these pads maintain their integrity and performance in various conditions.

Aesthetics Meets Functionality: The sleek aluminum foil finish not only serves as a testament to their durability but also elevates the visual appeal of your projects. Enjoy both reliable adhesion and a clean, polished aesthetic.

Tailored to Your Needs: Available in an array of customizable sizes, Foil Tape Pads allow you to select the perfect fit for your project. This flexibility ensures that you have the right tool for tasks of any scale.

Eco-Conscious Advantage: Crafted with environmentally friendly materials, choosing Foil Tape Pads is a commitment to innovation and sustainability. Enhance your projects while making a positive impact on the environment.

Dependable Performance: With a proven track record and a design centered on performance, Foil Tape Pads have earned their reputation as a versatile asset in various industries. From construction to crafts, packaging to automotive applications, rely on Foil Tape Pads for consistent and dependable results.

Elevate your projects with the unbeatable strength and versatility of Foil Tape Pads. Experience their seamless application, exceptional performance, and a reliable bond that stands the test of time. Explore the myriad of possibilities that these pads unlock, from practical applications to imaginative creations. Choose Foil Tape Pads – your adhesive solution for success.

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    Product Specification & Key Characteristics

    • Colour: Anthracite
    • Density: <90KG/M³
    • Fire Propagation Index: <12
    • Operating Temperature: -30°C to 100ºC
    • Thickness: 1mm – 100mm (can be laminated for greater thickness)

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
    or downloaded from our online portal.

    What Is RFI/EMI/EMC Foil Tape

    RFI (Radio Frequency Interference), EMI (Electromagnetic Interference), and EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) foil tape are specialised types of adhesive tapes designed to provide effective shielding against electromagnetic interference in electronic and electrical applications. RFI, EMI, and EMC foil tapes applied to electronic enclosures, cables, and other sensitive components to create a protective shield, thereby reducing the risk of interference and maintaining the proper functioning of electronic systems in environments with high levels of electromagnetic energy.

    Product Specification & Key Characteristics

    • Standard size: 48mmx 50m up to 200mm x 50m
    • Resistances: Moisture, heat,
    • Tensile Strength:5 N/25mm
    • Service Temperature: -30°C ~ +120°C
    • Applying Temperature: +10°C ~ +40°C

    Why use RFI/EMI/EMC Foil Tape Pads?

    Our RFI/EMI/EMC foil tape pads are typically made from a conductive metal foil, such as aluminium or copper, and work to seal joint and act as a shield against unwanted electromagnetic waves. The adhesive backing on one side of the pad allows for easy attachment to components, enclosures, or printed circuit boards. By utilising RFI/EMI/EMC foil tape, industries can ensure that their electronic systems and components operate smoothly, free from electromagnetic interference, and compliant with industry standards. The versatile and reliable performance of this specialised tape contributes to the overall efficiency and reliability of electronic devices and equipment in a wide range of applications.

    Benefits of using RFI/EMI/EMC Foil Tape Pads

    • Electromagnetic Shielding
    • Enhanced Product Performance
    • Cost-Effectiveness
    • Sealing gaps in joints
    • To protect sensitive surfaces from dust and moisture
    • Grounding
    • Heat and moisture resistant

    Advantages of using RFI/EMI/EMC Foil Tape Pads

    RFI/EMI/EMC foil tape pads are a valuable component in the effort to maintain electromagnetic compatibility and protect sensitive electronics from interference and potential performance issues. They are commonly used in applications where precise and localised electromagnetic shielding is required, such as in printed circuit boards, connectors, integrated circuits, and other electronic components.

    RFI/EMI/EMC Shielding Products Available

    Our relationship with a various suppliers and manufacturers ensures we can offer a wide selection of products at an affordable price while keeping lead times to a minimum. RFI/EMI/EMC shielding products available from us include:


    Conductive Fabric:  A polyester or nylon fabric that can be nickel/copper or silver-plated to create a highly conductive material.

    Conductive Silicone: Products produced using a silicone material that has been impregnated with electrically conductive particles prior to being cured.

    Gap Pads: Also known as filler pads. They are made from a silicone polymer combined with a thermal substance such as ceramic and then cured.

    Knitted Mesh: This material is created by knitting or weaving wires such as aluminium, steel, Monel or tin-plated copper-clad steel in sections or specifically shaped gaskets.

    Oriented Wire: Manufactured using silicone sponge and solid variants, combined with wires embedded vertically into the polymer.

    Sil-Pad: Sil-Pad gaskets perform in a similar way to gap-pads but are more flexible and comfortable.

    T-flex: T-flex is a soft gap-filling interface pad composed of a silicone elastomer, boron nitride filler and reinforced with fibreglass.

    Tgon: This is manufactured in various grades and thicknesses using synthetic graphite.  Tgon gaskets are generally used for thermal transfer and conductivity as opposed to electrical isolation.

    Tguard:  Produced using a glass fibre supported silicone elastomer with ceramic oxide filler, Tguard creates a thermally conductive and electrically insulating material.

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