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Silicone Foam

Silicone Foam – an innovative and high-performance material designed to excel in a wide range of industrial applications. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that our Silicone Foam offers unmatched sealing effectiveness, cushioning, and durability across diverse industries.

Key Features:

  1. Premium Silicone Foam Material: Our Silicone Foam is meticulously crafted using high-quality silicone material, chosen for its exceptional sealing properties, flexibility, and durability. This material forms the foundation for foam that performs consistently under various conditions.
  2. Versatile Sealing Performance: Engineered for versatility, our Silicone Foam excels in applications where protection against moisture, dust, noise, and environmental elements is crucial. Its adaptability ensures reliable performance across diverse operating environments.
  3. Excellent Cushioning: Silicone Foam's outstanding cushioning properties make it ideal for applications requiring protection against impact, vibration, and shock, contributing to reduced risk of damage to sensitive equipment or components.
  4. Flexibility and Conformability: The silicone foam material used in our product is known for its flexibility and conformability, allowing it to adapt to irregular surfaces and complex geometries, ensuring a snug and effective seal.
  5. Heat and Cold Resistance: Silicone Foam exhibits remarkable resistance to both high and low temperatures, making it suitable for applications that involve extreme temperature fluctuations.
  6. Chemical Resistance: Our Silicone Foam exhibits resistance to a range of chemicals, enhancing its suitability for applications involving aggressive fluids and environments.
  7. Easy Machinability: Silicone Foam is easily machinable, allowing it to be cut, shaped, and formed to meet specific sealing and cushioning requirements.
  8. Customization: At Advanced Seals and Gaskets, we understand that industries have unique needs. Our Silicone Foam can be customized in terms of thickness, dimensions, and specifications to meet the specific requirements of your applications.

Quality control of Silicone Sponge Sheeting

Our Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001, this controls ALL aspects of our business including the manufacture of Silicone Sponge Sheeting.


  • Electronics and Manufacturing: Silicone Foam is essential in electronics manufacturing, providing cushioning, shock absorption, and protection for sensitive components during transport, assembly, and operation.
  • Industrial Equipment: It provides effective cushioning and sealing solutions for machinery, equipment, and enclosures that require protection against impact, vibration, and environmental elements.
  • Automotive Manufacturing: Silicone Foam plays a role in the automotive industry, providing cushioning and protection for vehicle components, interior parts, and insulation materials.
  • Aerospace and Defense: These foam products are valuable in aerospace and defense applications, providing cushioning and protection for equipment and components.
  • Medical Devices: Silicone Foam finds application in medical devices and equipment, providing cushioning and protection for delicate instruments and components.

At Advanced Seals and Gaskets, we prioritize innovation and performance in our Silicone Foam products. Their cushioning capabilities, flexibility, and sealing effectiveness make them invaluable in industries where impact protection and reliable sealing are essential. Choose Advanced Seals and Gaskets' Silicone Foam to elevate your industrial processes with top-tier cushioning and sealing solutions that offer exceptional durability and reliability.


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