Silicone Sponge Washers

Here at ASG we offer a multitude of materials, including the highest quality range of silicone materials in various grades, colours and thicknesses which can be converted into washers. Silicone sponge materials are manufactured in roll form for thicknesses up to 12.5mm and in sheet form for thicknesses above this and up to 45mm, with a skin finish on both faces from which silicone sponge washers can be cut.

Sponge washers are produced in-house, meaning we can manufacture bespoke items to match our customers samples or drawings in any quantity. Whether it’s a small sample batch or a multi-thousand run, we have a machine designed to quickly and accurately produce perfectly formed washers everytime.

Our onsite facilities house a range of state of the art conversion machinery including a range of presses, kiss cut machines and an oscillating knife meaning we can supply individually cut washers, or those kiss-cut for ease of use.

Silicone Sponge Washers

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    Key Characteristics of Silicone Sponge

    • Colour: Black, White, Red Oxide, Blue
    • Thicknesses available: 1mm to 45mm
    • Density: 200KG/M³ - 530KG/M³
    • Resistances: Ozone, Oxidation, Ultraviolet light,Corona discharge, Cosmic radiation, Ionising, radiation, and Weathering
    • Temperature Range: -60°C - 230°C

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    Samples - Technical Silicone Sponge Washers

    Samples can be submitted for testing upon request.

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    What Are Silicone Sponge Washers?

    Washers are flat rings of material with Outer Diameter (OD), Internal Diameter (ID) measurements, which are placed between two surfaces or between joints in order to reduce friction and prevent unsteadiness, creating a level surface for nuts, bolts and other fixings to rest on, improving the fit for fixings and can be used as a water or air tight seal. Silicone sponge is an elastomeric material, expanded during the heat-curing stage, which in return creates the closed cell structured sponge, which is low toxicity and CFC free which makes it an environmentally friendly material.

    Silicone Sponge is a highly versatile material, from which washers can be cut and used in place of its solid rubber variant, where a softer, conformable material is needed, designed to offer exceptional sealing, cushioning, vibration insulation and insulation properties.

    Why Use Silicone Sponge Washers?

    Washers are often manufactured from Silicone sponge as the material offers the superior mechanical properties and many of the performance benefits of solid silicone, but in a softer and more conformable form, as it has excellent resistance to compress (bounce back to its original shape and thickness)- perfect for the creation of washers used in sealing, cushioning and vibration dampening applications.

    Silicone sponge washers have a wide operating temperature range of around -60C to 260C, resistance to UV and ozone - therefore suitable for outdoor applications and in comparison to other sponge materials offer more strength and durability. The closed cell structure of this material means it will make excellent sealing components for the prevention of leaks or ingress of air, dus and water, even with fairly low levels of compression.

    The Advantages of Using Silicone Sponge Washers

    There are many desirable reasons to use silicone sponge washers in many applications, throughout a range of industries due its durable and rugged nature. Silicone sponge is a closed cell material which means it is water resistant and can be used to create washers which act as moisture tight seals.

    Some of the other excellent properties includes the material wide operating temperature range of -60°C to 230°C, environmental resistant properties meaning it can withstand Ozone, UV and Corona Damage along with general weathering from rain, wind and frost etc where many other materials and rubbers can become brittle and crack.

    These excellent features make silicone sponge a great choice for washer production for use as seals in outdoor applications such as within HVAC units, light and electrical enclosures when a tight water seal is vital.

    Benefits Of Using Silicone Sponge

    • UV & Ozone resistant
    • Strong and durable
    • Available in a variety of Grades
    • Excellent recovery following compression
    • Closed cell
    • Excellent sealing properties

    Different Grades of Silicone Sponge Available

    • Flame Retardant Silicone Sponge
    • Food Quality
    • High Recovery Silicone SPonge
    • High Temperature Silicone SPonge
    • Fluorosilicone Sponge
    • Thermally Conductive Silicone Sponge
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