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Butyl Rubber

Butyl Rubber – a pinnacle of quality and versatility in the realm of industrial materials. Butyl Rubber, known for its impeccable resilience, outstanding impermeability, and remarkable chemical resistance, is a testament to modern engineering and innovation.

Crafted to meet the stringent demands of various industries, our Butyl Rubber stands as a steadfast solution for applications requiring optimal air and moisture barriers. Its unique molecular structure grants it unparalleled airtightness, making it an excellent choice for applications such as tire inner liners, inflatable products, and sealing systems.

Butyl Rubber's exceptional resistance to weathering, ozone, and UV radiation sets it apart as a durable choice that thrives even in the harshest environments. Whether it's used in construction, automotive, or marine applications, our Butyl Rubber reliably maintains its integrity over time, reducing maintenance costs and ensuring longevity.

Its exceptional flexibility and ease of handling make Butyl Rubber a preferred material for intricate applications such as vibration isolation mounts, gaskets, and seals. Its ability to maintain flexibility over a wide temperature range ensures consistent performance, regardless of the conditions.

By incorporating our Butyl Rubber into your projects, you're not only securing a superior material but also aligning with sustainable practices. Its long-lasting nature reduces the need for frequent replacements, contributing to waste reduction and overall resource efficiency.

Experience the advantages of Butyl Rubber by partnering with us. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that your industrial needs are met with a material that surpasses expectations. Elevate your projects with Butyl Rubber's impermeability, resilience, and adaptability. Embrace the future of industrial materials today

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    Characteristics Of Solid Butyl Rubber

    • Colour: Black
    • Shore Hardness: 60°
    • Temperature Range: -40°C - +140°C
    • Thickness available: 1mm - 20mm
    • Resistances: Flex cracking, AbrasionTear, impact resistance,weather resistance, UV, oxidation, water/steam
    • Applications: tubeless tyres, inner tubes, sports-ball bladders, gas masks, pond liners, roofing membrane, anti-vibration shock mounts, o-rings, sleeves, seals, gaskets and washers.
    • Finish: cloth, cloth/cloth or plate

    What Are Solid Butyl Rubber Rolls?

    Solid Butyl rubber is a synthetic rubber made up by blending isobutylene with isoprene, this creates a property known as Polyisobutylene, commonly known as PIB.

    These solid butyl rubber rolls of material offer many desirable properties including excellent thermal stability and resistance to UV and weathering, it also has an impermeable structure required for air retention or gas sealing applications, but is not recommended for use with petroleum, oils or chlorinated solvents. Solid butyl rubber rolls are often taken by customers, giving them the flexibility to convert them into a range of usable products as and when required.

    Why Use Solid Butyl Rubber Rolls?

    Solid butyl rubber rolls and the components cut from them are frequently used in demanding applications that involve high pressure gasses such as compressed air pipelines, air retention or high pressure vacuum sealing. Butyl rubber is known for its thermostable properties which partnered with the weather and ozone resistance make butyl it excellent for both internal and external use.

    The material is flexible with good resistance to flex cracking, abrasion, impact and tear. Due to its low gas and vapor permeability, butyl rubber is a popular material used in the production of gas masks, as a waterproofing material as pond and tank liner or roofing membranes and as vibration impending shock mounts and bushings.

    Benefits Of Solid Butyl Rubber

    • UV & Ozone resistant
    • Impermeability To Gases, compressed air and moisture
    • Shock and anti-vibration properties
    • Wide operating temperature range
    • Excellent sealing properties
    • Flexible with resistance to Flex cracking, abrasionTear and impact

    Advantages Of Using Solid Butyl Rubber Rolls

    Customers benefit from using Solid butyl rubber as the material offers many advantageous properties, characteristics and uses. These solid butyl rubber rolls of material are flexible even at low temperatures with a wide operating temperature of -40°C to +140°C, and are pre-manufactured in a range of thicknesses ready for use as lining large surface areas or for converting into smaller components such as gaskets and washers.

    Solid Butyl materials resists degradation caused by UV, weathering , heat, moisture and some acids and alkaline chemicals. It’s structure is impermeable to gas and compressed air, making it an excellent choice for air retention, therefore often used for creating gas and air seals inner tubes, vacuum sealing, tubeless tyres, inner tubes, sports-ball bladders and in the production of gas masks.

    It can also be used for a range of indoor and outdoor waterproofing purposes such as pond/tank liners or roofing membrane. ASG and customers who cut their own parts will benefit from a higher yield and therefore a better cost by using solid butyl rubber rolls for their conversions.

    Other Types of Solid Rubber Available:

    • Neoprene
    • EPDM
    • Silicone
    • Polyurethane
    • Nitrile
    • Hyalon
    • Insertion Rubber
    • Shotblast
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