Shotblast Rubber

Shotblast Rubber

Shotblast Rubber

Solid Shotblast rubber is just one of hundreds of rolls stocked and supplied by ASG, with other material types readily available in sponge of solid grades, some of which are designed for specialist or harsh industries and applications such as solid shotblast rubber, which is specially formulated to offer a high tear strength and excellent abrasion resistance.  Solid shotblast rubber is sometimes referred to as Tan Para Rubber which is manufactured in roll form with thicknesses starting at 1mm in varying lengths, which  ASG can use to cut other components.  Rolls of  Shotblast rubber can be supplied in full or can be converted into other products such as washers, strips, pads or gaskets using in-house cutting and conversion facilities, allowing us to manufacture bespoke items to match our customers samples or drawings in small or large quantities using one of our many slitters, log cutters,  presses, bandsaws or CNC (oscillating knife) machines.

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    key Characteristics of Solid Shotblast Rubber

    • Colour: Tan or black
    • Shore Hardness: 45° to 50°
    • Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
    • Available standard manufactured sizes: 1mm to 6mm  thick @ 1.4m x 10 meters long
      8mm to 25mm thick @ 1.4m x 5 meters long
      32mm, 38mm &  40mm thicknesses  @ 1m x 1m sheets 

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    What are Solid Shotblast Rubber Rolls?

    Rolls of Solid shotblast rubber or para rubber are produced using natural latex, creating a ‘tan’ coloured soft rubber material - sometimes described as having a similar texture and appearance to material used to manufacture elastic bands.   Rolls are manufactured in various lengths which depend upon the thickness of the material, but can be cut down to shorter lengths to order.  This material has been formulated to have outstanding abrasion and tear resistance, therefore making a very robust and resilient material ideal for use in a range of sealing applications.

    Why use Solid Shotblast Rubber Rolls?

    Solid shotblast rubber rolls  are extremely strong and durable,  offering a high tensile strength, excellent resistance to abrasion and tear and a good resistance to weak chemicals, dilute acids and alkalis.  It is manufactured in a shore hardness of 45°, has a working temperature of - 40°C to +85°C and is pre-manufactured in a wide range of standard thicknesses. Tan Para or Shotblast rubber is often taken in roll form allowing customers to cover very large surfaces and giving customers the flexibility to convert them into a range of usable products as required such as washers, pads, strips, etc. where a better yield can be achieved.

    Benefits of Shotblast Rubber

    • Can withstand harsh or abrasive media
    • Working Temperature Range: -25°C to +70°C.
    • Excellent resistance to abrasion.
    • Good strength and durability.
    • High elasticity
    • Excellent tear strength

    Different Types of Shotblast Rubber Available

    Black shotblast rubber - manufactured from a black abrasion resistant grade natural rubber.  This material, like the Tan variety, is extremely durable with an excellent tear resistance and an operating temperature range of -40°C to +80°C for use within the most demanding construction applications.

    Advantages of Using Solid Shotblast Rubber Rolls

    Using solid Shotblast (Tan Para) rubber or components cut from these rolls of material  brings many advantages to users.  It is a highly abrasive resistant natural rubber - even when used with harsh media) that is available in tan or black colour options (with the tan being more readily available) and has a hardness of around 45° to 50° shore depending on the colour taken.

    Rolls of shotblast rubber are pre-manufactured in a range of thicknesses allowing for quicker lead times for cut parts as the splitting process used with sponge and foam conversion is eliminated.  Shotblast rubber rolls have a very high abrasion resistance and elasticity, designed for applications including shot-blast cabinet seals, wear or impact pads, chute liners, scraper blades, etc.

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