Vulcanised Fibre Washers

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Product Specification & Key Characteristics

Colour: red (grey and black not as readily available )

Sheet Sizes: 1m x 1m or 2m x 1m

Thicknesses: 0.5mm to 3mm

Grades: commercial, Electrical and WRAS grade

Temperature range:   -40℃-100℃

Resistances: chemical solvents, oils, grease, wear, fatigue and impact

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Vulcanised Fibre Washers

Vulcanized Fibre Washers are an essential component in various industries for sealing and insulating applications. Here are some key points to consider about Vulcanized Fibre Washers and Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd's capabilities in supplying them:

  1. Material Overview: Vulcanized Fibre, also known as Red Fibre due to its common red color, is a type of material used for its excellent electrical insulation, mechanical strength, and durability. It is made by saturating cellulose paper or cotton fabric with phenolic resins and then subjecting it to a heat and pressure process, resulting in a dense and rigid material.
  2. Custom Manufacturing: Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd specializes in the custom manufacturing of Vulcanized Fibre Washers. They can produce washers according to specific drawings or measurements provided by customers, ensuring that the final product meets their exact requirements.
  3. Material Variety: While red-colored Vulcanized Fibre is the most popular and readily available, it's worth noting that it also comes in other colors, including black and grey. These color variations may have slightly different properties, so customers can choose the one that best suits their application.
  4. Sheet Size and Thickness: Vulcanized Fibre sheets are typically manufactured in standard sizes of 1 meter by 1 meter or 1 meter by 2 meters. The material is available in various thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm to 3mm, from which washers can be cut. This versatility allows for customization based on specific project requirements.

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    What are Vulcanised Fibre Jointing Washers?

    Sheets of vulcanised fibre are manufactured using a blend of fibrous materials such as wood pulp, paper and cotton which are passed through a zinc-chloride solution or sulphuric acid and heat-treated,  which causes the fibres to partially dissolve and bond under compression without the need for any bonding agents, creating a tough, resilient material, which lightweight and stiffer than most thermoplastics, from which washers can be cut or pressed.   

    Vulcanised Fibre Jointing washers are a flat ring with an outer diameter (OD) and inner diameter (ID) measurement, cut from a sheet of material which is placed between two surfaces creating a level surface, acting as a spacer, seal or between nuts and bolts to spread the pressure when tightened. 

    Why use Vulcanised Fibre Jointing Washers?

    Vulcanised Fibre  washers offer an excellent mechanical strength and stability, they are lighter in weight in comparison to aluminum and compared to other plastics and  are more environmentally friendly to manufacture as it contains fewer chemicals and artificial binding agents. 

    Vulcanized fibre washers can withstand exposure to a variety of chemical solvents, oils, and grease without degrading and work between the temperatures of  -40℃ to +100℃.  Available in commercial, electrical and even WRAS approved grades, Vulcanised Fibre washers  within taps and water dispensers or as components in electrical motors, home appliances and hand tools.

    The Benefits of using Vulcanised Fibre Jointing

    • Temperature range  of  -40℃-100℃
    • Resistant to chemical solvents, oils and grease
    • Available in commercial, Electrical and WRAS grades
    • high mechanical strength and dielectric properties
    • Excellent anti-static and ageing properties
    • Good resistance to wear, fatigue and impact

    What can be used as an alternative to Vulcanised Fibre?

    Elephantide -  a pressed paper, recognised by its blue colour as it’s manufactured using blue cotton, suitable for low voltage insulation to insulate electrically hot items.

    NOMEX - is a synthetic aromatic polyamide polymer that provides high levels of electrical, chemical and mechanical integrity over a wide range of temperatures. Nomex offers chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, solvents and radiation, can be used with oils, resins, adhesives, refrigerants and is self-extinguishing

    VALOX - a flame retardant film, tested to UL94 VTM-0 which has very high compressive and dielectric strengths, very low water absorption, excellent dimensional stability and good chemical resistance. As it doesn't contain plasticisers it will not become brittle with age under normal conditions.

    Advantages of using Vulcanised Fibre Washers?

    Vulcanised Fibre materials offer many advantages which make it great for converting into washers, the material is manufactured in a more environmentally friendly way in comparison to most other materials and in return doesn’t expose users to as many chemicals and can be used in direct contact with metals without causing corrosion. 

    As Vulcanised Fibre is available in several grades, it is highly versatile in the number of applications it can be used, from sealing washers in taps to components in electrical equipment, it also offers resistance to chemical solvents, oils and grease exposure and is mechanically very strong so the sheets will not break or tear during use or conversion - unless the max temperature is exceeded which may cause burns or if used in very wet or humid conditions. 

    Other advantages of using Vulcanised Fibre include its resistance to wear, fatigue and impact, so often used for abrasion resistance, it has a wide working temperature range of -40℃-100℃ and is often utilised in machinery, railway and aerospace industries.

    Vulcanised Fibre Washers?

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