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Here at Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd we manufacture a wide variety of Abrasive Resistant Polyurethane products and components, most of which are designed by our customers with the assistance of our technical sales team.

Abrasive Resistant is a micro-cellular polyurethane that is manufactured in blocks measuring approximately 250mm x 500mm x 65mm thick and 250mm x 1000mm x 65mm thick. It can be supplied in both black and natural colour.

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd have the equipment and facilities that enable us to split Abrasive Resistant Polyurethane from its original block thickness to almost any size and shape required.

Achievable thicknesses range from 1mm to 65mm, in any increment between.

The material is quite firm, flexible and is an extremely efficient and cost-effective performance material that lends itself to many dynamic applications that involve impact, vibration, and abrasive environments.

Abrasive Resistant Polyurethane is a technically superior material with excellent characteristics including:

  • Noise absorption
  • Excellent load deflection
  • Extremely tough and durable
  • High proportion of closed cells
  • Hydrolysis resistant
  • Ideal dampening properties
  • Performs well under load
  • Thermally stable
  • Abrasive resistant

Not only do we have the ability to cut this material to almost any size and shape we also offer Abrasive Resistant Polyurethane and many others with an adhesive coating on either one side or both sides.

Our range of product formats are listed below, however, this list is not extensive and we are happy to discuss specific requirements with our customers.

Help with Abrasive Resistant Polyurethane

If you would like to speak with a representative to discuss your specific application or requirements please call our sales office direct on 01384 469100, alternatively, you can send an E-mail. Simply click on the link and forward us your details along with your question and we will contact you immediately.


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