Nylatron Plastics

Nylatron Plastics

Nylatron Plastics

Nylatron® belongs to the Nylon family and is among the various plastic materials offered by Advanced Seals & Gaskets. It is frequently employed in the engineering and machinery sectors due to its robustness and wear-resistant characteristics. Nylatron plastic is available in standard pre-manufactured sheet sizes, reaching up to 100mm in thickness, but it can be cast even thicker if necessary.

Notably, Nylatron plastics aren't limited to flat sheets; they are also produced in tubes and solid rods of various dimensions. Utilizing our array of on-site equipment, including saws, presses, and CNC machines, we can deliver full tubes or rods or convert them into discs, washers, pads, or strips according to specific requirements. Additionally, we offer the option to coat these products with adhesive tapes or foils for enhanced performance.

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    Specification & Key Characteristics

    • Colour: Black/Grey, Grey, Blue & Reddish-brown (depending on grade)
    • Density: 1.16 g/cm³
    • Melting temperature:  215 °C
    • Min. service temperature: -30°C
    • Max. continuous allowable service temperature in air: 105 / 90°C - 170°C (short periods)
    • Fillers: Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2)
    • Resistance: chemical, electricity, wear, fatigue

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
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    What is Nylatron Plastics

    Nylatron encompasses various modified Nylon grades, enhanced through the inclusion of additives and compounds to elevate their properties beyond standard Nylon plastic. Typically, Nylatron incorporates Molybdenum disulfide, a dry lubricant composed of molybdenum and sulfur. This additive endows Nylatron with low friction and remarkable durability.

    Why use Nylatron Plastics ?

    Nylatron is highly versatile, available in various grades such as unfilled, glass fiber filled, oil-filled, internally lubricated, heat stabilized, and fiber reinforced. It boasts remarkable mechanical strength, wear resistance, load-bearing capacity, self-lubrication, and electrical insulation. Nylatron is typically cast as sheets, rods, or tubes in standard sizes but can also be cast into customized profiles and finished parts.

    Grades of Nylatron Plastics Available

    Nylatron Plastic is manufactured in a number of grades, each with varying levels of strength and resistance, suited to different applications, so of these variants include:

    Nylatron GSM - an anthracite-coloured material with enhanced load bearing and impact resistance.

    Nylatron GS - anthracite in colour which is a harder material with enhanced load bearing and wear properties, but has reduced impact resistance.

    Nylatron NSM - a grey cast nylon formulation which contains solid lubricant additives - making this material self-lubricating! This grade offers more superior wear resistance and excellent frictional properties for use within applications with moving parts.

    Nylatron MC901 - recognised by its blue colour, offering resistance to fatigue and higher levels of strength and flexibility.

    Nylatron 4.6 - a brown/red coloured variant of Nylon plastic which demonstrates excellent stability, creep, wear and ageing resistance even when used in high temperatures.

    Benefits of Using Nylatron Plastics

    • Sliding properties, sometimes self-lubricating (depending on grade)
    • Electrical insulating properties
    • Wear resistance 
    • Excellent mechanical strength 
    • Fatigue resistance 
    • Chemical and corrosion resistance

    Advantages of Using Nylatron Plastics

    Opting for Nylatron plastic yields several advantages, including enhanced sliding, mechanical, and wear resistance due to molybdenum disulfide lubrication. This additive also improves thermal properties without compromising chemical and electrical characteristics.

    While standard Nylons find extensive use in engineering, mechanical, and electrical industries, Nylatron steps in when applications demand a tougher material. Nylatron excels in cutting or casting into jigs, gears, and unconventional shapes. It also serves as heavy-duty wheels and fittings, providing an alternative to steel or iron. Nylatron components are ideal for applications where machinery parts requiring lubrication are challenging to access and minimal contact is crucial to reduce contamination risks.

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