PVC Foam

PVC Foam Seals

Being one of the UK’s largest non-metallic material converters, Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd have a network of manufacturers and suppliers enabling us to offer an array of seals, including those produced using various grades of PVC foam. We supply the highest quality PVC foam seals taking the form of gaskets, washers, O-rings and extrusions, which are all designed for the purpose of preventing leaks or the ingress of air, fluids and gas. All our seals are made to order and are produced using samples or drawings provided by customers to ensure the final product perfectly fits the application. As each form of seal needs to be manufactured using a different process, ASG has invested heavily in various machinery meaning we can offer high or low quantities.


What are PVC Foam Seals?

PVC Foam (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a lightweight material, available in a range of grades and colours, each with its own set of unique properties and can be converted into a range of products including seals. ‘Seal’ is a generic term for products often taking the form of cut gaskets, strips, washers, extruded or moulded profiles and edge trims. They are often used as a gap-filler between surfaces, acting as a separator or a barrier to prevent liquids, particles or gases from escaping or penetrating the application and in a number of vibration dampening, sealing and insulating applications.


Why use PVC Foam Seals?

There are many ways to utilize PVC foam seals as the material holds various desirable properties such as creating a tight seal against dust, air, water, chemicals and outdoor elements such as wind, rain and sunlight,  along with thermal insulation and vibration and sound absorption. We have many customers that require PVC foam seals in such industries as automotive, construction, HVAC, heating, marine and electronics.  These industries use PVC foam for boating seals, window installations, product and surface protection, door seals, dust and light seals.


Different Grades

As ASG have a network of high-quality material manufacturers and suppliers, we are able to offer PVC foam in a range of grades, each with its own set of unique properties and characteristics, these include:

  • Soft Grade
  • Medium Grade
  • Firm grade
  • Extra-firm grade
  • Fast Recovery
  • Slow Recovery

For further information or samples, please get in touch with a member of our sales team today.


Benefits of PVC Foam Seals

  • Highly Compressible
  • Vibration and Sound Absorbent
  • Chemical, UV and Ozone Resistant
  • Effective Sealant against air, dust and water)
  • lightweight and Durable
  • Good thermal insulation