High Load Bearing Foam Roll

High Load Bearing Foam Roll

High Load Bearing Foam Roll

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd supply rolls of polyurethane materials in various grades, including high load bearing foam rolls.  

Polyurethane foams are one of the more commonly used materials found in everyday applications including furniture and car interiors.  High Load Bearing PU raw material foams are manufactured in  master buns or blocks around 2.3m x 2m or 2.3m x 1m in size, which can then be split into sheets and joined to form rolls for further conversion. 

These rolls can then be further split down into thicknesses starting from around 1.5mm using one of our state of the art splitters - which is in theory a giant industrial peeler, which can be pre-programmed and set to peel off layers of foam and thus resulting in rolls of material in the desired thickness.  These rolls can be supplied in full, or further cut and converted in a choice of finished components including washers, gaskets, fabrications and strips using a choice of one of our many conversion presses, saws and routing machines. 

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    Characteristics of High Load Bearing PU

    • Standard Colour: Dark Grey
    • Density: 20-24KG/M3
    • Nominal Hardness: 215 -290 Newtons (BS EN ISO 2439:METHOD B 2008)
    • Tensile Strength: 110 KPa (min)
    • Elongation at Breaks: 100% (min)
    • Force @ 25% compression: D3574-81 Test B1,45-60 lb (force @ 25% compression) Physical properties are measured using the relevant BS4443 Test
    • Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
      or downloaded from our online portal.

    What are High Load Bearing Foam Rolls?

    Raw material HLB PU foams are manufactured in master blocks around 2.3m x 2m or 2.3m x 1m in size, these blocks are glued and butted together using heat.  These joined blocks are then fed through one of our state of the art splitters, which work by setting the blade to peel off the desired thickness of foam which is then hand rolled by the operator around core until the full length of material is done.  

    As with other types,  High density polyurethane foam is generally made from two ingredients: polyol, which is petroleum-based, and diisocyanate - these two ingredients make up the basis of polyurethane foams. 

    Components cut from HLB rolls of material are used across many industries.  High Density PU is a very dense foam which offers excellent support and shock absorption.  Not only is this material found used widely within the furniture and automotive interior industries, it is also used for packaging and transporting fragile components within the electronics market due to the high level of protection the foam provides.  High Load Bearing (HLB) foam is of particular interest to the electronics market where cushioning fragile components is key.  High load bearing foam rolls can be manufactured in varying firmness levels (this firmness isn’t to be confused with density) for use in different applications and industries which require different levels of support.

    Why Use High Load Bearing Polyurethane Foam Rolls?

     High load bearing foam rolls are popular due to their load bearing properties and the resistance to impact and force they offer.  As with other Polyurethane foams,  high load bearing foam can be manufactured in various densities and also grades to include Flame Resistance properties. 

    High density polyurethane foams are popular and commonly known for their ‘viscoelastic’ properties - i.e the materials resistance and recovery after force has been applied.  Although HLB foams can be manufactured in varying densities and levels of firmness, hybrid foams can also be made by laminating HLB foam with other lower density materials, which allows manufacturers to be able to offer bespoke levels of firmness to suit every need. 

    Just a few uses of high load bearing foams include Mattresses, boat seats, campaign mats, pet bedding, sports mats and packaging.

    Alternative PU & Packaging Foams

    • Acoustic
    • Egg box
    • Pick & Pluck
    • Basotech
    • Polyester
    • Polyether
    • Recon
    • Retic

    Benefits of using High Load Bearing Foam

    • Durable and Study 
    • Excellent levels of viscoelasticity and recovery
    • Available in many sheet sizes
    • Can be laminated to other materials
    • FR and Anti-Static grades available 
    • Easy to cut

    Advantages of using High Load Bearing Polyurethane Foam Rolls

    High load bearing foam rolls are made from master buns of material, therefore they can be be made in bespoke roll lengths, thicknesses and finishes.  High load bearing foam rolls are not only found used in the production of mechanical and engineering components, but also in many commercial and residential seating applications - often used as a replacement for spring systems offering higher levels of stability and comfort when used for seating and bedding.   

    Due to their excellent viscoelastic properties, they are also great for use in automotive applications as interior fillings,  industrial applications such as buffer or impact pads or as seals and gaskets.   When used for packaging and transporting fragile components within the electronics market, they offer a high level of protection and cushioning delicate items.  

    High Load Bearing PU is available in a choice of densities and thicknesses, but can also be laminated to other materials to offer rolls in bespoke levels of firmness.

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