Nomex Gasket

Nomex Gasket

Nomex Gasket

Nomex Gasket: ASG excels in gasket production, using top-quality materials to address diverse sealing and insulating applications, even highly specific or demanding ones.

One category within our extensive catalog includes gaskets crafted from electrical insulation materials. These encompass various types, each with unique properties to meet specific requirements.

Nomex boards and papers, among the electrically insulating materials we offer, come in roll and sheet forms of different sizes and thicknesses. Paper ranges from 0.05mm to 0.76mm, while board variants span from 1mm to 4mm, allowing gasket customization.

Precision matters as much as material choice. Our in-house manufacturing team meticulously follows customer drawings or samples to create precise matches, be it a simple square picture frame gasket or a complex shape with cut-outs.

For single samples or multi-thousand batch runs, our machinery includes presses, kiss cut presses, and CNC machines for rapid and accurate gasket production. Additionally, our onsite laminating services enable customers to choose plain or self-adhesive backed finishes for Nomex rolls or sheets.

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    What Are the Key Characteristics of Nomex?

    • Colour: Natural
    • Thickness: 0.05mm, 0.08mm, 0.10mm, 0.13mm, 0.18mm, 0.25mm, 0.30mm, 0.38mm, 0.51mm, 0.61mm, 0.76mm
    • Density: 0.96 g/cm³
    • Temperature Range: -196°C to 300°C plus.
    • Resistances: chemical resistance to solvents, acids and alkalis, resistance to radiation, corona waste, fungus and humidity
    • Flammability: self extinguishing and non-drip

    What are Nomex Gasket?

    Gaskets, including those made from Nomex, play vital roles in sealing, insulating, and gap-filling applications. Typically, they are intricately shaped pieces positioned between two surfaces to fill gaps or establish barriers.

    Nomex, a synthetic aromatic polyamide polymer, is formulated from two types of synthetic aramid polymers: 'floc,' providing mechanical strength, and 'fibrids,' microscopic fibrous binding particles that contribute to specialized Nomex boards and papers.

    Calendering, a process involving heat and pressure, can enhance the density of these papers and boards, creating a lasting bond within the fiber structures. Nomex finds use in applications demanding high-temperature performance, dielectric strength, and resistance to hazardous chemicals.

    Why use Nomex Gasket?

    Nomex gaskets, crafted from boards or papers, are purpose-built for electrical insulation applications in both high and low-temperature environments. These gaskets impede electric current flow, safeguarding electrical conductors from contact with people or tools during installation, repairs, or device usage.

    Furthermore, electrical insulation gaskets effectively prevent electrical arcing, the phenomenon where electrical current passes through the air between conductors, causing ongoing electrical discharges due to gas breakdown. Nomex gaskets excel in this and various other electrical insulation scenarios.

    They exhibit exceptional qualities, including high-temperature resistance, chemical resilience, superior electrical insulation properties, and flame retardancy.

    Benefits of using Nomex Gasket

    • Self extinguishing
    • Tear resistant
    • Wide operating temperature range of –196 to +300°C
    • Formable
    • Radiation resistant
    • Non-toxic
    • Electrical insulation


    Types Of Electrical Insulation Materials Available

    Advanced Seals & Gaskets collaborates with multiple material manufacturers, ensuring extensive options for our customers and solutions for diverse applications. Our prominent electrical insulation materials encompass:

    1. Epoxy Glass: A green material with commendable mechanical strength, chemical, electrical, and radiation resistance, low moisture absorption, and a temperature range up to +120℃.
    2. Kapton: A polyamide film with mechanical and tear strength, chemical, electrical, and thermal properties, ideal for enduring vibrations and extreme temperatures in demanding settings.
    3. Leatheroid: A gray/blue paper gasket material, sometimes referred to as Elephantide, used for insulating hot elements within the electrical industry.
    4. MICA: A mineral-based sheeting material with excellent mechanical performance, chemical resistance, and electrical and thermal insulation capabilities. It replaces asbestos due to its ability to withstand temperatures up to 1000℃.
    5. MYLAR: An extremely strong, flexible polyester film offering excellent insulation properties, dielectric strength, moisture resistance, and insulation capabilities.
    6. Presspahn: Brown material made from kraft wood pulp with outstanding physical and mechanical properties, typically employed as electrical insulation.
    7. SRBF: A resin-bonded fiber material known for its toughness and rigidity, with an operating temperature of 120℃, low water absorption, and resistance to wear, impact, and chemicals.
    8. SRBP (Synthetic Resin Bonded Paper): Constructed from layers of paper and synthetic resins, it suits high and medium voltage applications, featuring good mechanical and excellent electrical insulation properties and low water absorption.
    9. Valox: An excellent electrical insulation material with flame-retardant properties.
    10. PTFE: A non-conductive plastic material used for electrical insulation sheets, suitable for high-temperature applications with excellent dielectric properties, often found in circuit boards.
    11. PVC: A robust, lightweight, abrasion, chemical, and moisture-resistant material with good dielectric strength, making it ideal for electrical insulation applications.

    Advantages of using Nomex Gasket

    Nomex gaskets, renowned for their many advantages, provide durability and superior properties, guarding against extreme heat and electrical damage, resulting in cost savings. These gaskets thrive in a temperature range spanning -196°C to over 300°C and resist solvents, acids, alkalis, radiation, corona waste, fungus, and are self-extinguishing.

    Additionally, Nomex gaskets prove invaluable in environments exposed to oils, resins, and refrigerants. Beyond serving as cut or pressed gaskets, Nomex can be fabricated, shaped, glued, painted, and accommodate foil and adhesive laminates.

    Nomex boards and papers come in diverse densities, thicknesses, and compound variations, offering varying resistance levels. Being flame, chemical, heat, and radiation resistant while possessing robust physical attributes, Nomex gaskets find extensive use in the military, aerospace, and automotive industries.

    Popular Applications for Nomex Gasket

    • Electrical insulation of transformers, generators, electric vehicle motors, or wind turbine systems
    • Electrical insulation in electronics
    • Thermal protection in EV batteries
    • Within fire fighting equipment

    Nomex is used in industrial applications as a filter in exhaust filtration systems,to deal with hot gas emissions found in asphalt plants, cement plants, steel smelting facilities, and non-ferrous metal production facilities

    • Thermal barriers
    • Gaskets
    • Noise and vibration dampening
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