Poron Seals

Poron Seals

At Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd, we are committed to producing and supplying a diverse range of seals crafted from numerous materials sourced globally. Our extensive material inventory allows us to cater to the sealing requirements of various industries and customers. An exemplary material in our repertoire is Poron Sponge Rubber, available in continuous roll lengths across a spectrum of thicknesses spanning from 0.53 mm to 12.7 mm, featuring skin finish on both sides for seamless seal fabrication.

Our Poron seals manifest as gaskets, washers, strips, and fabricated components, all meticulously designed to counteract air, fluid, and gas leakage or bridge gaps between surfaces. Collaboration with our customers during the design and material selection phase is pivotal, as it enables us to tailor seals precisely to their specifications, assuring their efficacy once deployed.

Leveraging our customers' drawings or samples, we can manufacture Poron seals in diverse forms, be it a straightforward washer or a complex fabricated profile seamlessly integrated into a finished product. From small sample batches to high-volume production runs, our arsenal of machinery is adept at swiftly and accurately producing flawlessly shaped Poron seals in a myriad of dimensions, supplied in plain form or with an array of finishes, including various foils and self-adhesives.

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    Characteristics of Poron Sponge

    • Colour: Black
    • Temperature Range: -40°c to + 90°c
    • Thickness range: 0.53 to 12.7 mm
      Roll length: 12.2m - 182.9m (depending on grade & thickness)
    • Resistances: UV, ozone, many chemicals, mould, fungus, rot, fire
    • Flammability Tests: UL-94 HBF and MVSS 302
    • Density range:144 to 480 kg/m3 (depending on grade)

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
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    What are Poron Sponge Seals?

    Poron seals can take on numerous forms, utilizing rolls of Poron material—a closed cell microcellular urethane foam created by casting and curing foamed urethane compounds at various thicknesses. The term 'seal' encompasses products like cut gaskets, strips, washers, extruded trims, and fabricated profiles, all serving as gap fillers between surfaces, acting as separators or barriers to prevent the escape or penetration of liquids, particles, or gases in applications. These seals are also invaluable for vibration dampening and insulation needs.

    The Poron sponge seals are available in a spectrum of grades, ranging from very soft, easily compressible options that provide superior sealability, to firm grades capable of withstanding high-energy impacts. Additionally, a slow-recovery grade is available for applications necessitating minimal closure force. These versatile Poron seals cater to a wide range of sealing, insulating, and dampening requirements.

    Why use Poron Seals?

    Poron sponge materials feature a smooth outer skin on both sides, offering a multitude of properties suitable for creating watertight seals, serving as a thermal insulator, and mitigating vibration and noise. Additionally, these materials exhibit resistance to impacts, chemicals, heat, UV radiation, and ozone.

    The Poron sponge seals comply with flammability standards UL-94HBF and MVSS 302, without the need for flame retardant additives. They also demonstrate low outgassing and non-fogging characteristics, preventing the seal from becoming brittle over time and deteriorating. Furthermore, these seals are non-corrosive toward components, as they are formulated without the use of plasticizers or residual chemicals. Poron sponge materials prove to be a versatile and reliable choice for various applications.

    Benefits of Using Poron Rubber

    • Excellent compression set resistance
    • Temperature Range of -40 to +90 °C
    • Good chemical resistance
    • Flame Retardant to UL-94HBF and MVSS 302
    • non-corrosive
    • Easy to fabricate and cut into numerous sealing components

    Advantages of Using Poron Seals

    Poron sponge seals find usage in glazing, automotive, lighting, and various electrical applications. Components cut from Poron material exhibit remarkable compression set resistance, ensuring the creation of durable, long-lasting products.

    This non-fogging, low out-gassing foam contains no residual chemicals or plasticizers, safeguarding against brittleness, disintegration, contamination, or metal corrosion. Poron sponge seals boast moisture, chemical, UV, and ozone resistance, mitigating condensation, corrosion, and bacterial growth, as well as preventing rot and fungal development. They maintain a working temperature range from -40°C to +90°C and adhere to flame retardant standards UL-94 HBF and MVSS 302. Since Poron is manufactured in roll form, it can be easily converted into longer sealing strips or tapes, various gaskets and washers, or taken in sheet form, allowing customers to create bespoke seals as needed.

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