Natural Rubber Seals

Natural Rubber Seals

Natural Rubber Seals

  • Natural Rubber Seals – a fundamental component of modern sealing technology. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that our Natural Rubber Seals offer unmatched sealing effectiveness and reliability across a spectrum of industries and applications.

    Key Features:

    1. Premium Natural Rubber Material: Our Natural Rubber Seals are meticulously crafted using high-quality natural rubber, chosen for its exceptional flexibility, resilience, and durability. This material forms the basis for seals that perform consistently under diverse conditions.
    2. Excellent Flexibility: Natural rubber's inherent flexibility allows our seals to adapt seamlessly to irregular surfaces and complex geometries. This flexibility ensures a secure and uniform seal, even in challenging sealing situations.
    3. Versatile Sealing Performance: Engineered for versatility, our Natural Rubber Seals excel in applications where protection against moisture, dust, noise, and other environmental elements is essential. Their adaptability ensures reliable performance across various operating environments.
    4. Superior Compression Set Resistance: Our Natural Rubber Seals exhibit superior compression set resistance, meaning they retain their original shape and sealing effectiveness even after being compressed repeatedly, ensuring long-lasting performance.
    5. Ease of Conformity: Natural rubber's unique properties enable our seals to conform effortlessly to different shapes and surfaces, ensuring a seamless fit and consistent sealing results.
    6. Customization: At Advanced Seals and Gaskets, we understand that each industry has unique sealing requirements. Our Natural Rubber Seals can be customized in terms of size, shape, and specifications to meet the specific needs of your applications.
    7. Easy Installation: The design of our Natural Rubber Seals facilitates easy installation, simplifying assembly, replacement, or maintenance procedures and minimizing downtime.

Natural Rubber Seals come in many forms including gaskets, washers, O-rings, and cords, all of which prevent leaks and ingresses of air, fluids, and gas. Here at Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd, we are a leading manufacturer of seals and produce them in a wide variety of materials to meet a range of specifications. One of the materials we use is solid natural rubber. Solid natural rubber is manufactured using naturally occurring latex from rubber trees and is an excellent material for a variety of applications due to its strength, tear resistance, and shock absorption capabilities.

Whether we manufacture as a one-off or in large quantities, we work closely with our customers throughout the manufacturing process to provide a completely bespoke service. All our seals are made to order and based on samples or drawings provided by our customers. By combining state-of-the-art machinery with a highly skilled workforce, we can produce top quality products that meet a broad range of requirements.

 Solid Natural Rubber is available from us in many other forms including:

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    Characteristics of Solid Natural Rubber

    • Standard Thickness:  1mm,1.5mm,2mm,3mm,5mm,6mm,10mm and 12mm
    • Standard Size: 1.4 metres wide x 10 metres long (1mm to 6mm) and 10mm and 12mm are 1.4meters x 5 meters long
    • Colour: White, Black
    • Operating temperature: -30°C to +70°C
    • Grades: BS1154 Natural rubber, Tan Shot Blast rubber, Abrasion Resistant Natural Rubber
    • Resistances: abrasion, tear, ozone, water, electrical current abrasion, tear, ozone, water, electrical current
    • Limitations:  deteriorates when exposed to oils, fuels, solvents, petroleum

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
    or downloaded from our online portal.

    What is Solid Natural Rubber?

    Solid natural rubber is manufactured using naturally occurring latex from the rubber tree. It is the result of solids suspended in a milky fluid, known as latex, formed in a living organism. The higher the proportion of natural rubber used in the compound, the higher the quality and mechanical strength of the product. These properties make solid natural rubber a strong, durable and waterproof material.

    Due to its high tensile strength and good abrasion resistance, solid natural rubber is ideal to produce parts where a strong robust material resistance is required including wear strips, gaskets and chute liners.

    Why use Solid Natural Rubber Seals?

    As solid natural rubber seals are ideal for use in demanding environments, it is often utilized by our customers in applications that require a tight, leak-proof seal that remain unaffected by impact. By acting as a barrier between two surfaces, seals prevent liquids, particles, and gases from entering the application.

    Due to its resistances and high tensile strength, common uses include conveyor belting, outdoor sealing applications such as window and door seals, and components within the automotive industry such as pumps, hydraulics and flanges.

    Different Grades of Solid Natural Rubber Seals

    • BS1154 Natural rubber seals - This high-grade natural rubber has high tensile strength and is-non-abrasive. This material is available in black or white, enabling it to be used within the food and beverage production and packaging industries
    • Tan Shot Blast rubber seals - A superior, long-lasting material with a high abrasion resistance, this material is ideal for very heavy-duty applications such as scraper blades and chute linings.
    • Abrasion Resistant Natural Rubber seals - This high-quality natural rubber is specifically formulated and manufactured to resist abrasion and wear, it has high elasticity and is an effective seal under low compression settings. Available in black, red or white.

    Benefits of using Solid Natural Rubber Seals?

    • Strong & durable
    • Good impact and shock absorbing properties
    • Water resistant properties
    • Heat resistant properties
    • Vibration dampening
    • Excellent tensile strength
    • Available in a range of hardness's and thicknesses
    • Tear and abrasion resistant

    Advantages of using Solid Natural Rubber Seals

    Solid Natural Rubber seals offer many advantages to customers as they are strong, durable, and have superior heat and water-resistant properties.

    Solid natural rubber provides effective support, vibration dampening properties and a whole range of other attributes making it a common material used in industries such as automotive, electronics, ports and leisure, medical and construction.


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