Nitrile Rubber Extrusion

Nitrile Rubber Extrusion

Nitrile Rubber Extrusion

Advanced Seals & Gaskets supply a vast array of high-quality nitrile rubber extrusions. manufactured in many forms from simple cylindrical cord to complex, multi-cavity contoured parts. all designed to perfectly seal against air, fluid gas and to be aesthetically pleasing where they are used as visible parts such as edge trims or buffers. Customers often make nitrile rubber their choice of extrusion material which has good abrasion resistance,  resistance to petrol and fuels, mineral & vegetable oils and some acids and alkalis.

All our nitrile extrusions are made to order, produced using dimensions, samples or drawings provided. by customers, from which a tool or ‘die’ is made and a sample produced for approval, ensuring the final product perfectly fits the application. Nitrile rubber extrusions are preferred in automotive applications such as the production of hoses, seals and fuel tank seals.

What is Nitrile Rubber Extrusion?

Advanced Seals & Gaskets offers a comprehensive range of premium nitrile rubber extrusions, available in diverse configurations, from basic cylindrical cords to complex, multi-cavity contoured components. These extrusions are meticulously engineered to form air-tight, liquid, and gas seals while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance, making them ideal for visible elements like edge trims and buffers.

Nitrile rubber is a preferred choice among many customers for their extrusions, owing to its exceptional resistance to abrasion and various substances, including petrol, fuels, mineral and vegetable oils, as well as specific acids and alkalis.

All of our nitrile rubber extrusions are customized, precisely crafted based on customer-provided dimensions, samples, or drawings. We create a dedicated tool or 'die' for each extrusion, producing a sample for customer approval to ensure a precise fit for the intended application. Nitrile rubber extrusions find significant use in the automotive industry, commonly applied in the manufacturing of hoses, seals, and fuel tank seals.

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    Product Specification & Key Characteristics

    • Colour: Black (white or blue in food grade)
    • Shore: 40 – 70 Shore
    • Resistances: Oil, Water, abrasion/rear, petrol/fuel
    • Temperature Range: -20°C to 70°C
    • Thickness: 1mm - 25mm (flat seals/washers) - bespoke thickness for extrusions/mouldings
    • Elongation At Break: 250%

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
    or downloaded from our online portal.


    Rubber extrusions can be crafted from various materials like EPDM, neoprene, nitrile, silicone, and Viton. Despite a common production process, each material possesses distinct properties tailored to specific applications. If you require assistance in selecting the appropriate material or extruded profile type, please don't hesitate to contact our sales team for a thorough discussion of available options.

    Why use Nitrile Rubber Extrusion?

    Nitrile rubber extrusions come in diverse forms and profiles, yet share identical mechanical properties, making them a versatile industry choice.

    These extrusions excel at creating air, dust, and watertight seals, boasting good tensile strength and resistance to abrasion, petrol, oils, and certain acids and alkalis.

    Furthermore, they exhibit some flame retardancy and function within a temperature range of -20°C to +70℃.

    Hence, nitrile rubber extrusions are widely favored in automotive applications like belting, hoses, o-rings, and oil seals in hydraulics and flanges.

    Benefits of Nitrile Rubber Extrusion

    • Water, mineral/oil, petrol resistance.
    • Can be formed into complex seals and extrusions
    • Abrasive resistant
    • Water Proof
    • Excellent sea against gasses
    • Excellent for automotive applications

    Advantages of Using Nitrile Rubber Extrusion

    Nitrile rubber extrusions offer numerous advantages, including high tensile strength, oil resistance, and excellent compression set properties.

    These extrusions find extensive use in the automotive industry for parts like oil-seals, hoses, and o-rings.

    The extrusion process delivers uniform cross-sectional shapes in various lengths, tailored to customer needs.

    Our use of raw material enables us to design and provide customized profiles that precisely match customer specifications.

    Different Grades

    Advanced Seals & Gaskets have a network of material manufacturers, meaning we have access to various grades of nitrile rubber that can be used within your extrusion and sealing applications, some of the other grades include:

    (British Standard ) BS 2751 Nitrile is higher quality synthetic elastomer compared to commercial nitrile in terms of  it’s improved elongation at break. tensile strength and resistance to a broader temperature range of -30°C up to +110°C. BS2751 nitrile is manufactured inshore hardnesses of 40° to 80°.   

    Blue Metal detectable nitrile rubber is a synthetic elastomer that is manufactured with an additive visible to metal detector scanners. This grade of material has excellent tear and abrasion resistance and is suitable for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications as a way of detecting and reducing contamination.

    Food Quality (FDA) Nitrile rubber is available in white or blue colour options, both conforming to EC & FDA regulations, for use within food and pharmaceutical processing industries where the material needs to be resistant to vegetable oils, animal fats, fish oils and greases. 

    If you are unsure which grade you will need, please give our sales team a call to discuss your options, or to request samples.

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