Stratocell Foam Seals

Stratocell Foam Seals

Stratocell Foam Seals

Stratocell Foam Seals – a revolutionary solution for industrial sealing needs. With a strong commitment to quality, innovation, and performance, our Stratocell Foam Seals offer unparalleled reliability and versatility across a wide spectrum of industries.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Material Composition: Our Stratocell Foam Seals are engineered using cutting-edge Stratocell foam, a material renowned for its superior properties. This foam boasts a unique combination of resilience, durability, and adaptability, ensuring optimal sealing performance in various applications.
  2. Precise Sealing: Designed with precision in mind, our Stratocell Foam Seals ensure tight and consistent seals, even on irregular or uneven surfaces. This precision minimizes the risk of leaks, contamination, and energy loss, contributing to operational efficiency.
  3. Compressive Strength: Stratocell foam's excellent compressive strength ensures that our foam seals maintain their integrity and performance under pressure. This quality makes them well-suited for applications where consistent sealing is essential.
  4. Chemical Resistance: Stratocell Foam Seals exhibit impressive resistance to a range of chemicals and substances, making them a reliable choice for industries dealing with corrosive environments and aggressive fluids.
  5. Temperature Stability: Our foam seals maintain their effectiveness across a wide temperature range, ensuring consistent sealing performance in extreme conditions. This temperature stability enhances safety and reliability.
  6. Customizable Solutions: At Advanced Seals and Gaskets, we understand the unique needs of different industries. Our Stratocell Foam Seals can be customized to meet specific requirements in terms of size, shape, and sealing characteristics.
  7. Easy Installation: The design of our Stratocell Foam Seals facilitates effortless installation, reducing downtime during assembly, maintenance, or replacement. This user-friendly feature contributes to operational efficiency.


  • Aerospace and Aviation: Stratocell Foam Seals find applications in the aerospace industry, ensuring reliable sealing in aircraft components, such as doors, hatches, and access panels.
  • Medical Equipment: In medical devices and equipment, our foam seals play a critical role in maintaining aseptic conditions, protecting sensitive components, and preventing contaminants from entering.
  • Electronics Enclosures: Stratocell Foam Seals offer effective protection for electronic enclosures, shielding delicate components from dust, moisture, and other environmental factors.
  • Automotive Manufacturing: These foam seals are essential for ensuring tight seals in automotive components, such as trunk lids, windows, and engine compartments.
  • Renewable Energy: Stratocell Foam Seals contribute to the performance and longevity of renewable energy systems, including wind turbines and solar panels, by providing weatherproof and airtight seals.

At Advanced Seals and Gaskets, we are dedicated to providing innovative and reliable sealing solutions that elevate your business operations. Our Stratocell Foam Seals exemplify our commitment to excellence, offering unmatched performance, customization, and durability. Choose Advanced Seals and Gaskets' Stratocell Foam Seals to achieve superior sealing outcomes across various industrial applications.

Here at Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd, we manufacture some of the finest seals in the UK. Seals come in many forms including gaskets, washers, O-rings, and cords, all of which prevent leaks and ingresses of air, fluids, and gas. One of the materials available is our Stratocell foam seals. Stratocell is an excellent material for seals as it is flexible, has several resistances and is available in a variety of grades, densities and colours. All our seals are made to order and based on samples or drawings provided by our customers.

Whether we are manufacturing as a one-off or in large quantities, we work closely with our customers throughout the manufacturing process to provide a completely bespoke service. As each type of seal requires a different manufacturing process, ASG has invested heavily in a variety of machinery that enables us to produce high and low volumes of seals.

Stratocell Foam is available from us in many other forms including:

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    Characteristics of Stratocell Foam Seals

    • Polymer Type: Closed-Cell Polyethylene Foam
    • Colour: White. Other colours available on request
    • Density: Low-density L, Low-density E, Medium-density S, High-density H
    • Grades: Standard, Anti-Static, Recycled, Plus
    • Resistances: Impervious to moisture and Mold/fungal growth
    • Thermal Stability: < 5%
    • Water Absorption (lb⁄ ft²): < 0.1

    Full technical data can be supplied upon request,
    or downloaded from our online portal.

    What is Stratocell Foam?

    Stratocell Foam is high-quality, closed-cell polyethylene foam supplied in 48” x 108” sheets with a thickness range of 1.5mm – 100mm. Closed cell foam is a rubber compound developed under gas pressure.

    This structure gives Stratocell an exceptional strength to weight ratio making it a lower cost and more versatile alternative to many heavier polyurethanes. Stratocell is used mainly as a packaging material inside corrugated boxes as it is extremely stable, resilient and designed to prevent damage.

    Why use Stratocell Foam Seals?

    By acting as a barrier between two surfaces, seals prevent liquids, particles, and gases from entering the application. As a non-abrasive, insulating, water-resistant, lightweight material, Stratocell foam seals make an excellent choice for a diverse range of applications.

    With a variety of colours and grades such as Anti-Static, RC, and Stratocell Plus, available, this product can meet a wide range of specifications.

    Different Grades of Stratocell Foam Seals

    Here at Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd, we work closely with a network of suppliers and manufacturers to ensure we can offer a wide variety of products to meet very specific specifications.  There are many grades of Stratocell foam seals available, they include:

    • Standard: Stratocell Foam comes as standard in white 1200mm x 2000mm sheets. We can convert this in house, into a variety of products and into a variety of products and colours to suit all our customer's needs.
    • Stratocell Anti-Static: Upon request we can provide an anti-static option, ideal with use with electrical equipment and packaging.
    • Stratocell RC: Stratocell RC is our recycled grade offering available upon request. Stratocell RC contains a minimum of 50% recycled resin content.
    • Stratocell Plus: Stratocell Plus is designed for the times you need a little extra protection. Includes a top layer of 3.5mm polyethylene film or 3.5mm high-density Cellu-Cushion foam.


    Benefits of using Stratocell Foam Seals?

    • Lightweight, strong & durable
    • Good impact and shock absorbing properties
    • Water resistant
    • Good insulation properties
    • Available in a variety of grades including anti-static
    • Vibration dampening
    • Excellent cushioning in packaging applications

    Advantages of using Stratocell Foam Seals

    Stratocell foam seals offer many advantages as they are water resistant, highly shock absorbent, lightweight, non-toxic and non-abrasive.

    Due to the number of grades on offer, polyethylene foam such as Stratocell, can be found in most applications where weather- resistance, acoustic and thermal insulation, and tight sealing is required.

    Using our state-of-the-art machinery, Stratocell can be cut down into perfectly fitting seals such as gaskets, strips, washers, and edge trims.

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