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Our High-Temperature EPDM is manufactured in roll format 1 metre wide and can be provided with a skin finish on one or both sides dependent upon thickness required.

Self-adhesive backed High-Temperature EPDM Sponge

We are able to supply this product with self-adhesive backing on either one side or both sides of the material

Thickness range of High-Temperature EPDM Sponge

High-Temperature EPDM material can be supplied in thicknesses between 3mm and 25mm.

Properties of High-Temperature EPDM Sponge

High-Temperature EPDM is closed cell and highly flexible even at low temperatures. This product has an amazing temperature range of: -50°c to +140°c along with:

  • Excellent ozone and UV light resistance
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • Excellent insulation properties

Uses and formats of High-Temperature EPDM Sponge

Because of these values, this material is ideal for many of the following applications and industries:

  • HVAC
  • Refrigeration
  • Pipeline
  • Automotive
  • White goods
  • Building & construction

Advanced Seals & Gaskets are able to offer High-Temperature EPDM in any of the following forms (Plain or self-adhesive coated):

Help with High-Temperature EPDM Sponge

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