Foam Tape

The foam tape we supply at ASG is widely used in sectors such as automotive, electronics, draught exclusion, health care, shower and bath fitting, general industrial and glazing, as well as when undertaking home improvements.

The versatility of foam tape is such that it can be used for a range of purposes including cushioning, gap filling, insulation, casketing and sealing.

Contact us with your requirements and we’ll supply the foam tape you need – we offer Polyethylene, PVC, Neoprene, EDPM and Polyurethane foam tapes with a range of thicknesses and adhesive options.

The fact that we also offer open and closed cell foam tapes, electrically conductive foam tapes and the option to have your foam tape laminated with a double sided tape means that we can promise to provide the foam tape solution you’re looking for.

Adhesive Foam Tape

The most important properties of Foam Tape

  • Flexible and conformable
  • Available as open or closed cell
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Longevity
  • Choice of colours
  • Available in a range of thicknesses
  • Thermally conducive
  • Resistant to UV light
  • Superb shock absorption properties
  • First rate creep resistance and compression set
  • Resistant to solvents
  • Can be supplied with minimal tack resistance for temporary application
  • Used in white goods to absorb sound and cut vibrations
  • Seals outdoor lighting from the environment

Advanced Production

Over more than three decades we’ve built foam tape production facilities which enable us to meet the demands of every client. Combined with the expertise of our team, our cutting edge equipment means we can work with any industry which makes use of foam tape.

You tell us what you need and we’ll provide it, whether that means applying a self-adhesive backing to an existing foam strip product, or supplying foam tape in custom made coils. If you’re working with difficult to reach areas which require sealing then one solution could be our specialist foam tape which expands upon application.

Foam Tape
Foam Tape
Foam Tape
Foam Tape

Types of Foam Tape

Single sided foam tape with adhesive applied to just one side of the tape, this is the solution of choice when the material being taped has an irregular surface and may expand or shrink over time. Examples include sealing gaskets and protective packaging.


Double sided foam tape with adhesive applied to both sides of the tape, this is an ideal solution for mounting items, but can also be used in a situation in which the surfaces being bonded are likely to expand or contract at different rates.


Types of Foam Material

EPDM – synthetic rubber ideal for outdoor use due to its resistance to high and low temperature and weather proof qualities.

PVC – a general purpose solution combining resistance to ageing, UV light and weather. Can be supplied in a range of densities and as either single or double sided tape.

Polyethylene – another general purpose solution combining resistance to ageing, UV light and weather. Can be supplied in a range of densities and as either single or double sided tape.

Polyurethane – a general purpose low cost solution. When supplied as a soft density foam it offers only limited resistance to weather and UV light, although higher density foams offer greater longevity.

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