PVC Foam

PVC Foam Rolls

Advanced Seals & Gaskets are market leaders in supplying high-quality non-metallic rolls of material, including various grades of PVC foam. PVC is generally manufactured in continuous rolls which can then be split down using our state of the art splitting machines. As we offer a range of on-site conversion services, we are able to split down PVC foam rolls to thicknesses starting at just 1.5mm, which can then be supplied coated with one of many foils or self-adhesives, and even laminated to other materials to produce composite rolls of material.


What are PVC Foam Rolls?

PVC Foam  (Polyvinyl Chloride) rolls are a lightweight material, available in a range of grades and colours, each with its own set of unique properties. PVC foam rolls are a popular product as they give the customer and end-user the flexibility to be able to cut their own strips, pads, gaskets or washers to order, rolls are sometimes preferred by customers as they have the freedom to cut their own sheets in various sizes as and when larger surface areas need to be covered.


Why use PVC Foam Rolls?

There are many ways to utilize PVC foam rolls as the material holds various desirable properties such as creating a tight seal against dust, air, water, chemicals and outdoor elements such as wind, rain and sunlight,  along with thermal insulation and vibration and sound absorption.  We have many customers that require PVC foam products industries such as automotive, construction, HVAC, heating, marine and electronics. These industries use PVC foam for boating seals, window installations, protection, door seals, dust and light seals.


Different Grades

As ASG have a network of high-quality material manufacturers and suppliers, we are able to offer PVC foam rolls in a range of grades, each with its own set of unique properties and characteristics, these include:

  • Soft Grade
  • Medium Grade
  • Firm grade
  • Extra-firm grade
  • Fast Recovery
  • Slow Recovery

For further information or samples, please get in touch with a member of our sales team today.


Benefits of PVC Foam Rolls

  • Highly Compressible
  • Vibration and Sound Absorbent
  • Chemical, UV and Ozone Resistant
  • Effective Sealant against air, dust and water)
  • lightweight and Durable
  • Good thermal insulation