Sponge Rubber

Sponge Rubber Seals

As one of the UK’s largest non-metallic material converters, Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd has a network of manufacturers and suppliers enabling us to offer an array of seals, including those produced using various grades of sponge rubber. We supply the highest quality sponge rubber seals which can be manufactured as gaskets, washers, O-rings and extrusions, which are designed for several popular purposes including preventing leaks or the ingress of air, fluids and gas, insulation and surface protection. All our seals are made to order and are produced using samples or drawings provided by customers to ensure the final product perfectly fits the application. As each form of seal needs to be manufactured using a different process, ASG has invested heavily in various machinery meaning we can offer most seal types in high or low quantities.


What Are Sponge Rubber Seals?

A ‘Seal’ is a term used for a range of products often taking the form of cut gaskets, strips, washers, extruded profiles. They are often used as a gap-filler between surfaces, acting as a separator or a barrier to prevent liquids, particles or gases from escaping or penetrating the application and in a number of vibration dampening, sealing and insulating applications. Sponge rubber seals are highly compressible ensuring the seals are effective. Sponge rubber can be manufactured in various densities and extra additives meaning they can be used in a wide range of industries and environments.


Why Use Sponge Rubber  Seals?

Sponge rubber seals are used to fill gaps and irregularities between surfaces and to provide a solution to unwanted rattles, noise, vibrations, to seal against air, gas, dust and liquids, and can also be used to cushion between moving parts to reduce friction and damage to components and equipment. In order for a seal to work effectively, it needs to compress and fill the entire space to create a pressure/airtight protective seal. Different types of sponge rubber seals have their own unique set of characteristics and properties for use in various applications, some are suitable for outdoor use and UV/Ozone exposure, others have oil resistance or are flame retardant. Sponge rubber seals are an important component found in many applications and industries such as electrical equipment,  automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, chemical industries and food/drink/pharmaceutical processing industries.  


Different Grades

ASG stock many different types and grades of sponge rubber used to manufacture seals for use within many industries each with its own unique characteristics. Popular types of sponge rubber include:

EPDM sponge rubber is a high-quality material with excellent weathering, UV and ozone resistance, making it ideal for outdoor sealing. EPDM sponge rubber seals offer a wide operating temperature range, acoustic, thermal and vibration dampening properties and also good mechanical strength and abrasion-resistant properties. Grades of EPDM include medium, firm, high temp and semi-open cell. 

Neoprene sponge rubber is a versatile material, featuring good resilience and resistance to UV and ozone. It has a working temperature range of -40ºc to +115ºc, good chemical stability, and good general resistance to oils and petroleum-based fuels.

Silicone sponge is a resilient material with high-temperature stability, chemically inert and waterproof. Silicone sponge has a closed-cell structure, available in a range of densities and has a number of features that make it suitable for outdoor sealing including Ozone, UV resistance and temperature flexibility, meaning it will not freeze/crack.  

Viton sponge is another closed-cell variety of sponge rubber offered by ASG.  It is manufactured with skin on both faces which increases its tear resistance. It has a wide working temperature range of -25°C to +204°C and good resistance to hydrocarbons, oils, fuels, lubricants, acids, weathering and ozone.

PVC Nitrile sponge is a closed-cell, very soft type, manufactured with smooth skin on both faces. This sponge rubber is often the preferred choice for use within thermal insulation applications due to its Class O flame retardant characteristics.  

Poron sponge is closed-cell polyurethane sponge rubber, which offers excellent compression resistance, good chemical resistance and longevity.  These gaskets are low out-gassing, non-fogging and will not become brittle and break down over time.

Industrial sponge rubber is a high quality, open-cell natural sponge rubber.  The open cell structure enables excellent compression recovery, but also to form around uneven surfaces, limited absorption and circulation of gas and liquids if required. It is an excellent choice of material for us as a protective sponge, expansion joints and anti-vibration applications.


Benefits of Sponge Rubber Seals

Depending on the type and grade of sponge rubber taken, the seal will offer a whole host of properties and benefits, some of which include:

  • Sound/vibration Suppression
  • Thermal Properties
  • Bonded with other materials based on application
  • Oils, chemical, acid, fuel resistance
  • Ozone, weathering, UV resistance 
  • Wide working temperature range