Silicone Gaskets

silicone gaskets

Silicone Gaskets The Key Features of our Silicone gaskets Discover Advanced Seals and Gaskets’ Silicone Gaskets, the ultimate sealing solution for your industrial needs. Our silicone gaskets, meticulously crafted, offer top-tier performance in various industries. Renowned for versatility and reliability, these gaskets excel in automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and electronics sectors. Designed for robust sealing, they…

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Neoprene Sponge

Neoprene Sponge ASG manufactures a wide range of products from Neoprene sponge, taking advantage of the fact that it shares many qualities with EPDM and Natural sponge. These properties include the fact that it is durable and highly resistant to wearing by abrasion. When this is combined with the chemical inertness of Neoprene sponge it…

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Neoprene Gaskets

neoprene gaskets

Neoprene Gaskets Applications: Neoprene gaskets are suitable for an extensive array of applications, including: Automotive: Sealing engine components, doors, windows, and hoods. Marine: Providing watertight seals on boats, ships, and maritime equipment. HVAC: Sealing ducts, vents, and air conditioning systems. Industrial: Gasketing in machinery, pipelines, and equipment. Outdoor: Protecting outdoor equipment and enclosures from the…

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Neoprene Foam

Neoprene Foam Also known as Chloroprene, Neoprene foam is the ideal solution for creating a seal against gases, liquids and particles. Its closed cell structure and flexible nature makes it the material of choice for a huge range of applications. The fact that it offers anti-vibration, sound absorption, sealing and thermal resistance qualities means that…

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Foam Tape

Foam Tape Foam tapes, also known as foam adhesive tapes or foam mounting tapes, represent a remarkable category of double-sided adhesive tapes that have rapidly gained prominence across various industries. These tapes are defined by their unique composition, featuring a foam-like or spongy core that provides unmatched cushioning, flexibility, and conformability. With adhesive coatings on…

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EPDM Foam Products

epdm foam

EPDM Foam Products Here at ASG we provide a wide range of products which take advantage of the properties of EPDM foam. These properties include the fact that EPDM foam creates a watertight seal which also prevents the migration of gases and particles. It is also resistant to a small degree of contact with oil,…

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Acoustic Foam

Acoustic Foam Here at Advanced Seals and Gaskets LTD. (ASG) we design and manufacture a broad range of Class ‘O’ Acoustic Polyurethane Foam products. You may also know Class O Foam as Acoustic Foam, Fireseal, Impregnated Polyurethane, Non-Flammable Acoustic Foam or pyrosorb, and it works to prevent frames spreading during a fire, at the same…

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